BenQ 1655 now @ newegg $36.99 + shipping

The wait is over folks, both the egg and are selling it now :smiley:

Finally got in on this before Newegg sold them all out. Picked up two. Now if I can find a couple more 1640s, I’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

I also picked up 2 more. They will be gone soon. 45.71USD delivered., I have to pay tax cause they have a warehouse in NJ. But think about it, if you saw one in a store for 45.00 buck you would grab it in a quick second so I am really not sorry.

OOS. That didn’t take long. :slight_smile:

I got the auto-notification for the drive on my e-mail at work. While I was on lunch. :a

Oh well. At least geeks still has it. Too bad they’re not as reliable.

same here I got 3 auto-notification
very easy to order to them But I missed again

Yep, I was not fast enough after the auto-notify either. Alan, you got 2 of them and one was meant for me. LOL

Alert They got stock again

still shows out of stock.

That’s what i get too. OOS.

Nope , they were both meant for me. LOL.:iagree:

ok Alan brag it up some more :bigsmile:

when I post it after 23min later out of stock
sorry about that :sad:

I got an instant notification when they went back into stock by e-mail. I don’t know why you guys don’t do the same.:iagree:

I also get hit with tax by Newegg they have a warehouse in TN also.I ordered 2 from Geeks no tax,cheaper shipping when you purchase two and the discount code all worked out to just a little better deal.

I saw the email and jumped on the site to see that they were in stock…I just got one from yesterday, so didnt order any from the egg

Looks like these are being manufactured again due to their demand :slight_smile:

In Stock did not last even one hour.

crap, i need a new DVDRW… this one might have done the trick…

Wait and watch for newegg site for one .

hmmmmmmm, so I guess you guys would jump on this deal faster than $1 per karat of diamond, damn cdfreakers :slight_smile: you guys freaked me out, hehe