BenQ 1655 not reading or burning

I’ve reconfigured my PC after the dreaded blue screen. The BenQ is on the pri ide socket on the mb, from the begining of the build. Never liked to share the cable or have a slave attached.

Tried to read with it- just hangs up and freezes the PC and used IMG burn to try to burn a movie- nothing happens but hangs up the PC again.

Any ideas?


Reinstall it, and let Windows detect it again.

I’ve tried that and it still hangs up and freezes the PC.

I did take it out and try it in the wifes PC and it did work, so it’s till good.

keep the idea’s coming. I really like the BenQ and the burn’s it has given me, and since I know it works, I just hate to go out and get another one to replace it and have that one not work.

The NEC3550 will sit anywhere in the PC and still work.