Benq 1655 new user so far not impressed

Hi i finaly bought a benq 1655 cause i read there like the top of the line burners and can burn poor media at amazing quality so i figerd get one while i found it cheap got it for like $39 or maybe less any way got it today installed it replaced my 18x samsung which is a awsome burner so any way i pop in a optodisc 8x (cause i got a ton of these drit cheap from shop4tech useing google checkout) and the burner starts then starts locking the comp up and boom 2 mins later recording failed at 8x which i used nero 7 btw so i thought hmm a bad disk so i tried another and ill be dammed same thing so then i used a verb 16x it burned just fine so then i tried a 16x optodisc and boom error again so it seems this burner wont burn the optodisc which i burn flawless on my samsung so im thinking about swtiching back to the samsung and putting the benq in my 2nd computer

is there any firmwares for this burner i tried getting them off the site and it said i could no update the burner :a

Get the latest from TDB

Hi :slight_smile:
@ urrbodyh8sme. What is your current f/w? It could be that you have an oem or third party f/w.
The BenQ is easily better than any Samsung.(IMHO).
Get QSuite 2.1 & manual. (see links in my sig).
For more on QSuite etc, [B]see here:[/B]

i belive its oem firmware cause i never flshed it when i tryed it said it gouldnt be flashed

o it says firmware GCAB

Hi :slight_smile:
Yep. To flash this drive would involve what would be technically a crossflash. This would invalidate any warranty. If you want to do this take a look here:
You will be able to use Quikee’s BQflasher & .exe (official) f/w.
You can also use tdb’s rpc1 patched f/w too.

which firmware did u think would be the best to use for this drive

ok im stuck now i got the bqflasher and the nero dll that gose with it but when i use it it dose have my benq drive on the drop down box :doh: i tried in both safe mode and on windows so i cant flash it i got the newest firmware for it and heres what it says when i do it through windows

ATAPI DVD LS 8X16X8X16 Current firmware : GCAB
==> New firmware Version : BCIB

The drive is not allowed to be updated.

Go with the BCDB first, was more stable for me with my 1655. Tried both the BCHB and BCIB with poor results compared to BCDB…IMHO

here’s the download…

My vote goes to BCGB.

You have to use MCSE to modify the BCxB firmware first, so that it can be flashed to an ‘ATAPI’ OEM drive like yours.

I forget if it was the BCHB or the BCGB that I also tried besides the latest BCIB…But the ones that I did try didn’t perform better than what BCDB was doing for me.

Hi :slight_smile:
Not sure why that is. Quikee’s BQFlasher latest version should do it.
Anway windwflash(link in my sig) will, but take care to select the correct drive as windwflash will attempt to flash any drive. This has to have .cvt files.
N.B. Check your PM’s for file link.

ok flashed it with BCDB now it freezes the computer when buring the optodisc
have not tried verbs yet

do u have BCIB in cvt format

Hi :slight_smile:
Now you’ve flashed to BCDB you can use the .exe files from BenQ or tdb.No need for Quikee’s BQFlasher or WinDWFlash.

ok will try the ones from benq and see which ones work

ok flashed it with BCHB and it seems to work now but the dvds are 16x but only burn at 12x but at least they burn now :slight_smile:

BCGB has a good reputation, so it was probably BCHB that you tried.

I have this BenQ DW1655 for over a year now and I burn a lot of DVD out of it and got bad burn every once in awhile other than that I have no complain about this drive. I have 3 of them actually. When I 1st heard about this drive and bought one ,few weeks later I went back and got 2 more (just incase). This is one of the best drive I ever own (beside BenQ DW1640). I have BCGB fw after all the flashings to latest FW I settled with BCGB.

no im useing BCHB right now when i used BCGB it would lock the computer up when useing optodisc but worked fine on my verbs i think i will use up my 700 optodisc thats i got for $42 then flash it to BCGB