Benq 1655-Nero-Sure Thing Label Maker



I have a question about Nero that came with the Benq 1655. When i installed the Nero software, it asked if i wanted some of the Nero software to be my default for a huge list of stuff. I clicked no to all. I am use to Windows Media player with video and cd’s and Winamp with mp3’s.

When i burn a cd-r it does great. When i want to import song titles from Media Player or from the cd i just burned, it will not reconize the song titles. Media Player has track 1, track 2, etc. So if i want to put the song titles on the front of the cd, i have to manually type them. That sux as it takes to long.

I need to mention after i burn the the cd, i turn off Nero and turn on Sure Thing label maker to make a lightscribe label and that works good but again how do i get the software read my cd off the drive or off media player, where it will put the songs direct onto the front of my cd, when i make a label?

Thanks for any help.