BenQ 1655 - Max 4x write speed?

With my BenQ 1655 dvdburner, I can max write with 4x.

Firmware Version: BCIB

Nero InfoTool. The options are set to the highest!

What can I do? :sad:


Put in media that supports a higher speed and that speed will be shown.

Nope, that has nothing to do with it. Is the information about the dvd burner. No media is in, when that picture was taking

I tried it here with Nero Infotool and different media in drive showed up as different speed of the actual DVD Writer. Very odd indeed.

Looks like we are having the same problem, If I find anything that helps, I’ll post it here too.

Although we should probably just stick to one thread.

The Disc Info tab in CD-DVD Speed is of more use than InfoTool here.

Milky Way is actually correct.

Put different media, ie 16x DVD+R, 48x CD-R etc and hit REFRESH, then Nero InfoTool will show different read and write speed.

You may want to click the “Disc” tab to see the info about the current inserted disc.

Anyone knows this problem???

And that error only come when putting in DVD-R dics… No, problem with DVD+R. Bur can then only burn at 4x MAX