Benq 1655 killing Traxdata 8x +RW discs (RITEK-008-00)

Today I bought a retail Benq 1655 as an addition to my 1640. After my 1st attempt to burn a RITEK-008-00 disk, I noticed the disk became unreadable. My Benq 1640 and NEC 3550 also report there is no disc inserted when I try to read the disk. I have tried 3 of these discs now and this is what happened to all of them thus far. The same disks work perfectly fine in the 1640 and 3500.

Any clue why the 1655 kills these disks? I tried fw BCGB and BCHB.

Interesting. A few days ago my DW1650 (actually Philips OEM unit cross-flashed with BCHC firmware) did exactly the same thing to a Ridata 8X DVD+RW disc. After a single re-write the disc became unreadable (“no disc inserted”) in several brands of DVD burners, including the DW1650 itself. I finally managed to quick erase the disc on a LiteOn SHW-16H5S burner, after which the disc was recognized again. I then did a full erase using my trusted DW1640 (BSQB firmware) and the disc was back to normal again.

RITEK-008-00 MID is clearly in the DW1650 BCHC firmware, so this is quite puzzling. :confused: It does not seem to matter whether this media is initially written (1st write) with DW1650 or some other drive.

I am starting to compile a list of burner/MID combos that should be avoided at all costs:

  • All BenQ DW16xx + PHILIPS 041 (4X DVD+RW)
  • DW1650/1655 + RITEK 008 (8X DVD+RW)

Yep, exactly the same situation here. Haven’t had a burner that recognised my 3 discs again, so haven’t reformatted yet…

What program did you use to do the full format?

I also wonder if it’s the media that is to blame, since the 1640 and nec 3550 don’t seem to have problems with it at all. Maybe it’s some firmware bug in the 1650/1655?

I used Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.51.1 for the full format, with a LiteOn SHW-16H5S. I tend to agree with you in suspecting this being a 1650/1655 firmware bug. No other burner I have with 8X DVD+RW support does this.

The good news is that RITEK 008 media can be “restored” after being messed up by the 1650/1655, albeit with a different brand burner.

Use BCDB/BCDC firmware. It’s the last firmware with proper RITEK008 support

BenQ DW1655 BCHB
Ritek008 (Memorex brand) burned at 8x

I have no problem with this media. Burn at 8x and able to do quality scan. Then sucessfully format the media again (full format).

zevia, those tests are looking a bit too good for Ritek media, do they?!?

Thanks for the complement, I was surprise also. Maybe 1655/BCHB is optimized for this media? :wink:

Actually Sony 810A/BenQ 1640 burn it quite OK too, but Asus 1608P3S/Pio 111 not OK.

Is this what you expected.:bigsmile: In all fairness this disc has been burned and full erased 7 times on multiple burners.
Memorex branded Ritek 008.

Not really, but for any rules exist exceptions, so it seems. :bigsmile:

Nice to see peeps still believe in the good of even Ritek media, hehe.

Your 1655 is bad, crossg! :bigsmile: No wonder you won’t lead the benq fun competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe.:bigsmile: Noticed you are using the newer FW and maybe that is the reason or did you use a new disc?

I believe it was used once for the 1608P3S review.

Makes this that disc cursed or what? :bigsmile:
Hehe, let’s watch soccer.

Soccer’s over now :wink:

I managed to reformat the 3 disks in my NEC 3550 the morning after my initial post. Oddly enough, it wouldn’t recognise the discs the night before…

I’ll reflash my drive with BCDB (unless BCDC is better, but couldn’t find it on TDB’s website) and try again. Will post the results here.

BCDC firmware is for the BenQ DW1650 - not for the 1655!

OK, thanks for the info. I reflashed to BCDB and now the discs are burnt perfectly fine and are readable after being burnt on in the 1655 (yay!). Must be a bug in later firmwares then, though I find it odd that crossg"s drive burns them okay with BCGB while my 1655 would kill off any ritek 008 I throw at it…

I do get speed dips now while scanning with BCDB though. I’ll post scans later to see what the results are.

1st picture: Disc burnt on my 1655 with BCDB firmware. It’s so bad it must be a record…

2nd picture: Same disc burnt on my 1640 with BSLB firmware. An unbelievable difference.

I burnt another disc on the 1655 and got the same result as in the 1st picture. I’m starting to wonder what the heck is going on with the 1655…

Hmm, let see a burn AND scan on your DW1655.

Here we go,

This is another disk I’ve burnt on the 1655 and scanned with the 1655 (BCDB)