Benq 1655/IOMagic stop burning



I bought a IOMagic/1655 from Staples today. Burnt two movies with a 98% scan ,then I loaded DVD Fab platinum and after it stops burning (Keeps reading the blank (3)disk and then says disc error). I was using Apollo DVD Copy and got the error attached. I remove DVD Fab and the problem was still there.Switched to my NEC 35oo which also began taking about 3-4 minutes before starting to burn. I have a multiboot system and when I switched to Win 2K my Nec reported a “Power Calibration Error” and the IOMagic/1655 still not burning. I have both on the same cable with the Nec as master.
Any help appreciated.
If I posted in the wrong forum I am sorry but there is no IOMagic forum that I know of.


Check your power supply first. What kind of media are you using?


TY Go2
I was using my Nec and a Liteon Rom without no problem.
Also it takes very long to scan and does not go over 0.69x in Nero CD Speed Quality scan.


Is DMA enabled on all of the drives?




It is possible that you have hardware conflect in your system, check the power supply and system memory. Try to opertae on single OS environment see what happen.


How do I check the Power supply?


Did you crossflash to the retail firmware?


If you don’t have health monitoring software installed then go to your M/B bios and check and make sure your+5, -5 , +12, and -12 volt are all very close within the margin.


A “Power Calibration Error” message has nothing to do with compus power supply (PSU).
This error is media related. When a drive first starts to write to a disk it will burn a small amount of data to a calibration area on the disc, using the calibration information in the Media ID code, and then try to read back the data that it has written. If it cannot be read, then disk will be rejected and fail with a power calibration error.

sodeysay, first check at what speeds those TYG02’s are supported by your I/O Magic (use CD-DVD Speed -DiscInfo). Try to run a Transfer Rate Test with CD-DVD Speed on your “98%” disc.
Some kind of burn log would also be of interest.

BTW, can somebody explain this quote if DMA is on;

Also it takes very long to scan and does not go over 0.69x in Nero CD Speed Quality scan…


No I did not crossflash
The TYGO2’s are supported at 8x,4x and 2.4x
I also noticed that with any blank (dvd or CD) disc I load the led blinks for about 10 sec and then stays on but nothing happens (autoplay is on)
Attached is the transfer rate.
Thanks to all who replied.


Someone posted in the CD-DVD Speed 4.50 that G series firmware wouldn’t work properly with CD-DVD Speed, needs to be B series.
I am conveying what I read though, and have no first hand knowledge of this.


Thanks for all the comments but I am returning the drive. I will buy a 1655 online.


Changed my mind. I Crossed flash to 1655 BCDB its now burning. But not TYG02’s (shop4tech)or Staples CMCMag E01 it keeps spitting them out. It spins up very high a few times and then gives an error "could not write to device"
Any Ideas or modified firmware to burn these discs