Benq 1655 Infos etc

Does anyoe know if a firmware for removing the region code or removing the protection code is available. I managed to remove the region code for my LG H10A burner :stuck_out_tongue:

Also ther eseems to be a massive shortage out here in Australia, chances are the next time it comes it…it will be an OEM. So iam wondering if there is any difference? Also on this forum people said there are some 1655DW made in Japan/Taiwan and the Japan ones are better so how could i get the best quality Benq 1655?

Hi. I can´t tell you anything about drives made in japan, mine is made in china and performs as expected. And I believe by OEM you speak of a bulk instead of retail version? (Or you really speak of buying a complete PC which has the DW 1655 inside?)
Anyway, it shouldnt matter if you grab a bulk or a retail version, since the package and extras included in it is the only difference usually. The drive is the same.

And about the region code thing:
The dangerous brothers as usual made a nice RPC1 firmware available here:

I suggest using BCGB Firmware, which is this one:

Besides, I personally don´t see why one needs RPC1 Firmware since anydvd :slight_smile:


Maybe because it isn’t free?

Anyway, is there an auto reset version of 1655 firmware at TDB’s site?

Benq is Taiwaneese company and would have no manufacturing facilities in Japan and 1655 drive are manufactured either in China or Malysia.