BENQ 1655: I can't overburn an audio CD to please

So yeah, please dont hurt this n00b. lol.

Anyways according to CDRinfo the BENQ 1655 could overburn to 99:57.74 (

This was acutally why i chose this burner, as well as the lightscribe, the awesome results, and the power to overburn -R and +Rs.

Anyways attached here is what is shown when CDRinfo does the overburning test, and what I see.

I tried at 48x, and well that didnt work; removed a few tracks (but it was still over 80 mins), burned at 48x didnt work. And then i basically mirrored what i saw in cdrinfo review (16x) still nothing. (By nothing i mean the ERROR INVALID FIELD IN PARAMETER LIST).

Although I noticed that when i went from 48x to 16x it burned “more” of the music. I doubt that at the lowest speed, 12x I will be able to get it to burn…what do you think is wrong?

Oh yeah: Nero; Firmware BCDB

Thanks in advance for all your help :bow:

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The BenQ DW1655 can overburn CD, however it needs a special 99 minutes CD --it wont overburn the regular 80mins.

You can check this thread:BenQ DW1655/DW1650 overburning thread. In post#3 there is actual evidence that the drive can overburn CD.

Please note that the “Overburning test” in Nero CD-DVD Speed is incomplete without the actual write test either with create data disc or image burn. As you can see in post#4 in that thread linked above, “Overburning test” says that it can overburn DVD-R but actual write test proved otherwise.

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Thanks Zevia, now I cry

Actually quick secondary question; whats the max then an 80min cd can be overburned to (82min as per the default?)

depends on the media, usually its not more then a minute or two.

Yeah I was just doing some sim’s, and well i tested the limit stated for my Maxell’s and i got it to 82 mins. Now just trying out the lightscribe labels on my 3 coastered lightscribe CDs, i want to see the difference :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help