BenQ 1655 - I can't get it to Lightscribe!

Ok. I’ve done some searching and some “fixing” but I still have the same problem.

I can burn a CD/DVD or whatever just fine, but when I try to make a LightScribe label, Nero 7 bombs out on me. In fact, the symptom happens whenever I put media LightScribe side down. Windows thinks and thinks and thinks for MANY minutes, and the drive’s green light just blinks steady on and off. If I have it in the drive when I power on, then Windows takes FOREVER to load.

So anyway, I wait for the light to stop blinking and for Windows to return to “normal” and then load up Nero Cover Designer. I already have my cover saved from when I burned the CD (using some pricey HP branded LightScribe media). I open the cover, and select to burn the LightScribe image. Then The standard Nero window comes up with the “quality” options. I select “Best” and click Print. The status bar clicks along, and then it ejects the disk and says “no media in the drive”. I put it back in, and wait, and then select continue and then get “LightScribe Error: An internal error occurred. Please restart the software application.”

OK. So here is what I did. I grabbed the (latest?) firmware from the link here BCIC, and patched it. I was on BCDC. I grabbed the updated LightScribe support software ( from, I check for the Intel Accelerator software (didn’t have it), and I make the few registry changes dealing with AutoRun. Reboot clean, and still the same issue. I’ve tried multiple discs both before and after burning the data onto them, and as soon as I flip it to the LightScribe side, Windows goes SLOW for a while.

This is not a new issue for me, it is just that I am finally getting around to making some bulk photo CDs for family and friends of my sister’s wedding, and I want the discs to look nice.

Please help.

you might want to take a look here and see if you have the latest lightscribe updates and maybe try the free “surething SE”.

OH yea, welcome to the forum.

You might want to try surething cd labeler 4 se. If all else fails. Its free.

Yep, surething labeler SE, you will find it at the link I gave you above. Few other goodies there also.

ok. I tried it (SureThing Labeler). Same problem. Windows “hangs” on when I put the media LightScribe side down, and then I get a message to insert LightScribe media in the drive, after it is already there.

Seems to be Windows specific, and not application specific.

I also reinstalled the motherboard drivers, and removed my AnyDVD software (I use this computer to rip my DVDs down to just the movie for storing on my HTPC) since it also had a driver show up under the 1655. Still no luck.

Do you by chance have a second drive with lightscribe or maybe a friend that has one you could borrow and swap out with yours to see if maybe it is the drive.

Nope. No access to another drive. This one I bought brand new back in February of this year, and I have had this same issue doing LightScribe since the first time I tried it (which was about 2 months after I bought it). I don’t use it as my primary drive (I have another DVD drive in there for that) and I have not used this drive a terrible amount. I would say only about 10 discs in the first 2 months before trying to LightScribe.

I have even reinstalled Windows XP Pro since I first had the problem and still get the same result.

If you re-installed XP on a clean hard drive and it didn’t solve the issue then it could be the drive, and in this case you must RMA it quickly before its guarantee runs out. Also, have you tried to burn only one brand/batch of Lightscribe media? You could try some different Lightscribe media, so you can eliminate the faulty media possibility.

In the future it’s good to keep a clean and trim Windows installation backed up so if the shit hits the fan you can format the drive and restore the backup without having to re-install. This way you’ll be back to your desktop within a few minutes, and you can troubleshoot on a clean environment. I personally keep two backups on DVDs, one is a clean Windows installation without any extra applications installed, I use this for troubleshooting. The other is a full backup with all my favorite applications installed, configured, and updated. I use this one to bring my system back to its normal everyday state if serious software problems occur.

So how long SHOULD it take to detect that it is LightScribe media?

I’ve bought the discs on sale, so I got a few packs. So same brand, possibly different batches.

My 1655 scans the media and starts writing within 60 seconds at the most… If I was you I’d send it back to BenQ for a replacement before the guarantee runs out.

Will do. I will open up my PC (again) and grab the serial number off of the drive and get to it.


You’re welcome. And remember to backup your Windows drive. If it all “goes south”, you’ll be glad you did!

Called BenQ last week, and got a run around from “Doug”. Called back tonight and talked to “Brandon” who seems helpful, but not the most polite. It took them 10 minutes just to verify my serial number was “valid”. But I got my RMA number. Not I have to ship it to New Brunswick, NJ and wait…