Benq 1655 from CompUSA missing audio output pins?



Purchased a Connect Computers Benq 1655 from CompUSA. The drive is a Benq 1655 with firmware BCGB. When I installed the drive, the CD audio cable would not fit properly. Looking closely at the back of the drive, the audio output pins are missing! The package included an audio cable, but it looks as though the pins were not installed at all. The last Benq drive I bought was a year ago (1640) and it had the CD audio pins installed. Is this a manufacturing mistake or are the newer drives doing away with the analog audio outputs?

I noticed that the my 1655 can’t burn Verbatim +R DL faster than 2.4x whereas my 1640 could burn them at 8x. I flashed my 1655 to BCIB and it’s still limited to 2.4x, is this a HW limitation or a FW problem with the newer Benqs?



I’d return the drive and get another one. It’s obviously a manufacturers defect that the pins are missing. Although you don’t need the CD audio cable if you’re running XP.


Many new burners don’t have the analog audio socket as this is rarely used/necessary these days.

There’s a thread about burning DL media faster with the 1650/1655. Read it here .


It’s not a defect. :disagree:

The BenQ DW1655 simply doesn’t have analog audio output so there are no pins.

Unless you’re running an ancient PC, you won’t be using the analog audio output anyway, since audio is transferred over the data cable in digital format.

I would definitely NOT return the drive for this reason - in my experience it is an excellent drive in most respects. :slight_smile:


Both my DW1650 and DW1655 are like that IIRC.


Thanks for the replies. The weird thing is that they included the analog audio cable in the box.

I’ll check out the thread about burning DL media


I don’t use my analog audio output since it’s not needed with Xp Pro. I didn’t even notice that the pins are missing. :wink: The 1655 is a good drive but if he’s having problems with burning DL media then it could be a defective drive. I didn’t respond to his DL media question since I don’t burn DL media because IMHO that media is still too expensive for me.


It’s fine that the 1655 only burns the DL at 2.4x. Check the referenced thread.