Benq 1655 dropping speed when burning

I have a Benq 1655 that replaced my pioneer 106. What I’m noticing with the Benq is random drops in speed when burning dvd’s. The device buffer varies from 85-95, and sometimes drops lower when the speed drops. At first I thought it was because I was burning at 8X, but even at 4X the speed drops randomly. For example the last disc I burned at 4X dropped in speed anywhere from down to 3.5X to 2.5X back upto 4X. :confused:

Is this normal for the 1655? Is anyone else having this happen?
I’ve searched the forums and tried a few things. Dma is definately on, burst rate is 24 MB/s. Transfer rate is excellent. (edit) Defragged harddrive didnt help any.
The drive is secondary master. Burn quality seems to be good. Just the speed drop seems odd. Any thoughts or comment would be appreciated.

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This behavior is quite normal and caused by WOPC.
“WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Control) is a technology that
dynamically adjusts the laser power rate according to disc

Download QSuite2.1 and QSuite manual to learn more about your drives futures.

Thanks pinto2.

I’ll read through the Qsuite2 manual. I’m a little relieved, but I still find it odd the way the buffer level jumps around on this drive.


85 to 95 thats nothing :disagree:

85 to 95 thats nothing
Definitly… ever seen the wild dance of the buffer with NEC burners? Gets down to 0% at WOPC points. :bigsmile:

Thanks for the info guys. My first thought was there was something wrong with the drive, or my system couldn’t feed the drive fast enough. From everyones post I guess it’s normal.