Benq 1655 DL Burning Problem!



Hello everyone, I’m Having a Hell of a time burning double layer dvd’s.
My history with burning dvd DL’s begain with using a Benq DQ60 burner, & using RIDATA DVD DL + R. I know that Ridata may not be the best brand of media,but I don’t think that it is the worst. First off, I have never had a problem burning single layers period, ONLY DOUBLE LAYERS. I have wasted so much money trying to burn DL’s that it makes me sick !(I could have bought the dammm movies, that I’ve been trying to copy). I made sure that I had the latest firmware for the benq dq 60(MREC), & it gave me 80 % coasters after using 25 ridata DL +R’s.
I returned my Benq DQ60 in excange for the Benq DW 1655, & upgraded the firmware to 1st BCDB, & then to BCGB. I’ll put it like this, I seem to be having a little better luck with the Benq DW1655 alternating between firmwares BCDB & BCGB, but I’m still getting more coaster than I thought I would using my new Benq 1655. My latest DL movie to attempt to burn is King Kong. I burned 2 copies, 1 with BCDB & 1 with BCGB, & guess what, 2 more coasters.They both freeze at the exact same place, (when it changes over to the 2nd layer). Now I may be a little slow,after using up almost 3-25 packs of Ridata DL +R’s(75 DISK’s)@ about $52.00 per pack, is that they all seem to start skipping & or freezing when it changes over to start burning on the 2nd LAYER. This has been the case for both my DQ60 & my DW1655. Like I said, I seem to be Having better luck with the DW1655,but I’m still getting way to many coasters.
I hope that one of my fellow burner buddies in here can give me some suggestions for my expensive problem.

In Qsuite: I have solidburn on default, & WOPC on default.

Looking forward to some expert opinions.

RMAC11 :confused:


what burning program are you using?

and if you haven’t figured it out by now, your media plays a HUGE role! SWITCH TO VERBATIM!!!


also, i never have problems with DL burns. here are my steps:

  1. use only VERBATIM discs
  2. be sure drive firmware is up to date
  3. rip the disc in “ISO>READ” mode in Dvd Decrypter with anydvd running in the background to take care of copy protection
  4. this results in an ISO and a MDS file.
  5. open up ImgBurn and load the MDS file. Set burn speed (I use 2.4x) and burn as normal

this MDS file retains information from the original disc and “tells” the burning program where to put the layer break.


Hey reasonsnotrules, thanks for your quick reply !

Programs that I’ve tried:
1)clone dvd2 v.
21clickdvdcopypro v.
3)dvd Shrink v.3.2
4)dvd x copy platinum v.
5)dvd fab platinum gold v.
All of the above programs, I use anydvd v.

I just downloaded dvd decrypter & will try to burn King kong again for the 3rd time!! LOL Also is imgburn a program or what, if so, where would I find it ? I never heard of it.
I know VERBATIM discs are the best, but what do you think of what I’ve been using? (Ridata DL +R media ) I have 8 disks left.

RMAC11 :bow:


By the way guys, although these are my first 2 post in here I’ve been a member since dec 2005, & have been doing lots & lots of reading & have learned alot from all of you !! I’m just trying to figure out why, with the expensive problem that I’m having, why my DUMB Ass didn’t start asking questions in here about 50 DL disk’s ago!! LOL

RMAC11 :o


ImgBurn is by the same developer as dvd decrypter. it looks EXACTLY the same except it doesn’t have the decrypter/ripper and it’s basically an updated burning engine.

i’ve never used those Ridata DL media and i wouldn’t if you paid me to! I’ve seen too many horror stories. most posters swear by verbs for DL and there’s good reason for it. and it looks like you’re learning the expensive way!


Hey reasonsnotrules, just finished burning King Kong for the 3rd time using dvd decrypter to rip, & Imgburn to write. It took a very long time to write, but was feeling good about the Possibilities. When it completeted, tried to play it, & once again it froze in the exact same spot. I was confident from your explanation reguarding the fact that the MDS file retains information from the original disc and “tells” the burning program where to put the layer break. It makes a lot of since to me that the program has the ability to deal with DL’s in that way, & to make sure that the transtition from layer 1 to layer 2 goes smoothly, It just didn’t work for me !! Guess It is the media, but what I don’t understand is, why I have had some sucessuful DL burns using ridata.

This is how my media looks Using dvd Identifer:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R-DL:RITEK-D01-001]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R DL] - [Not Available]
Manufacturer Name : [Ritek Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [RITEK]
Media Type ID : [D01]
Product Revision : [001]
Blank Disc Capacity : [4,173,824 Sectors = 8.55 GB (7.96 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [2.4x]

[ DVD Identifier V4.3.0 - ]

Anyway Please let me know what you think & the best site for buying VERBATIM discs ! I’m convinced, 75 Ridata DL disk’s later !! LOL :doh:

RMAC11 :sad:


newegg had a great deal on them a few hours ago, but that’s over.

i’ve always waited until they’re on sale. you can expect to pay about $2 per disc as the sale price.

watch the memorial day weekend ads this weekend and also check the bargain basement subforum.

a possible reason why you’ve had successful burns could be that a characteristic of poor media is high variability. you could have had a good batch, then a bunch of bad batches…or a few good discs then a lot of bad discs.

out of curiousity, when you say it skips and freezes, what have you been playing them back in? does it skip when you play the disc on your computer or just your standalone dvd player? have you tested more than one dvd player?

it could be that the discs are pretty bad, but still playable and your dvd player is just picky. if it happens on more than one unit though, I’d place the blame more heavily on the discs than the player.


also, just for fun, can you download nero cd-dvd speed and run a disc quality scan on one of the offending DL discs? run the scan at 8x then use the floppy icon on that window to save the image as a .png file and post it here…that should give us an idea of just how bad this burn is…


reasonsnotrules, in my home theater system, I’m using a Sony dvd 5 disk player model # DVP-NC665P, & yes this disk that I just made using dvd decrypter & Imgburn will play at the point that is giving me problems on my computer. I saw a slight pause at the point where it usually freezes, but it continued to play thru. The other disk that I made using clonedvd2 WOULD freeze also on my computer as well. Maybe I’m at lease making some progress using dvd decripter & Imgburn !
I’ll keep an eye on newegg for some salepriced VERBATIM discs. also where is the " bargain basement subforum " that you mention ? BTW, I changed firmware from BCDB to BCGB with the last attempt.

I’ll start making some disk quality scans of all three disk & post them.



reasonsnotrules, I have the 3 scans, but don’t know how to post them.
When you have a chance, could you please let me know how.



Hi RMAC11,

While reasonsnotrules is offline, just use the “Go Advanced” button, under the reply box, then “Manage attachments”


RMAC11, running quality scans won’t help you solving layer break problem… :wink:

Have you tried CloneCD by slysoft (21 days trial).
Use search and you’ll find this thread among many others.

Ofcourse media can play a part here, but I think BenQ’s should be able to burn other medias then Verbatim MKM-00* only… :stuck_out_tongue:


Here are my scans. The 1st one was burned using dvd decrypter, the 2nd one using clonedvd2, with the firmware @BCDB, & the 3rd one with clonedvd2, & firmware @ BCGB


Hey Pinto2, reasonsnotrules just wanted to see just how bad my burns turned out. As you can see, he has been working with me to try to help me solve my DL burning issues. In post #4, it shows the different programs that I’ve tried. BTW, do you mean to try cloneCD or cloneDVD. It seems to me that any of the main programs should be able to handle the layer break issue that reasonsnotrules mentions in post #3, because that is where my problems start(at the layer break). any suggestions ?


RMAC11, reasonsnotrules is a she (female), and a very knowledgeable member. :slight_smile:

Good you posted those scans because they just proved your drive can’t handle that media of yours. Also interesting how the size of backed up movie can vary dependig on software used…
Seems like King Kong title is harder to backup then other movies.

It seems to me that any of the main programs should be able to handle the layer break issue…
Not that many if you look around in this and other forums. It all depends “where” the layer break information is stored. Your scans just proved that.
Yes, I wrote CloneCD. Just run AnyDVD in background when you rip/decrypt original movie.

Looks like it’s on time to hunt down some better media. :wink:

[I]Edit.[/I] I see you started a new thread about the same issue. I hope these threads can be merged.


if you check the values, the DVDD/ImgBurn method is slightly better (but not by any means “good” I’m fairly confident that with decent media, your scans will improve.

and yes, I’m a she…a currently unemployed “she” that should probably be working in tech support somewhere haha.

if I see any verb deals, I’ll be sure to come back to this thread and post it, but here is the bargain basement forum so you can keep an eye out for yourself:


So Sorry Madam reasonsnotrules about my gender mistake, I had absolutely no idea !! :bow:

Guess it really is the media. I’m on my way to Sams club right now to buy some VERBATIM disk’s. They have 3-10packs for $59.00. I guess that price is all right, so Ill be back in a few to try it again, using a VERBATIM disk. After listening to others brag about these disk, I do expect miracles from them !! I want to see them dance across my counter top when I get them home LOL.

To Pinto2, I just wanted to find out if anyone else had been having problems burning King Kong. Its a very long movie(3:08 min) I didn’t know how else to do it, SORRY. will be back in a few, & will post my results.

Also, should I use Dvd Decrypter & Imgburn, or clonecd with the VERBATIM Disk?



do whichever you’re more comfortable with. i had recommended the dvd decrypter and ImgBurn combo since they were free programs. I wasn’t sure if you had clonecd (I don’t own it)

clonecd will operate on the same principle though. It makes a 1:1 copy keeping the layer break intact.

30 discs for $59 is about as good as you’re going to get. $20 for a 10 pack (or $2 a disc) is the going sale price and has been for the last few months.

depending on all of the usual variables, I can’t guarantees these burns will be perfect, but you should see a HUGE improvement over the last scans that you posted!


Ok Madam reasonsnotrules, here ya go. This all the info from my King Kong burn using my new verbatim disk ! BTW at Sams Club, a 3-10pack with tax came to $65.09, about $2.17 per disk. Anyway it worked !!! There was a slight pause at the layer break, but it continued to play. Although I have not watched the movie all the way thru, I’m sure that it will play just fine, because I’m convinced that my problem was only at the layer break. I am now a confirmed Believer in VERBATIM DL DISK LOL. BTW, the package says that it can write up to 8x’s. what do you Recommend for future burns ?

So Please tell me what you think ! I’m not sure how to read these charts.

Thanks :flower: