Benq 1655 discs not readable in Toshiba drive

I just bought a Benq 1655 and made some multisession recordings with Nero on a Ridata 8x DVD+RW disc but my regular Toshiba dvd drive can’t read the disc, the Benq drive can, does anyone know what could be the problem?

Your Toshiba probably need a firmware upgrade to read the disc.

What’s the model and current firmware.

jbv, well I think I’m looking at the firmware version in Nero DriveSpeed. It says Toshiba SD-M1712 which I know is the model and right after that it says V1004 which I “think” is the firmware. Is that the firmware? If it is should I add that patch that’s in the link you posted?

no you shouldn’t. at least not yet. do some research first. using the firmware he linked to automatically voids your warranty (if the drive is still under warranty)

to be on the safe side, obtain all firmware updates from the manufacturer’s web page.

there are many other hacked firmwares out there with advantages, but make sure you understand firmware and firmware flashing before you start messing with unofficial f/w.

the firmware subforum on cdfreaks is a good place to start.

also, on RW discs, don’t you need to finalize for it to be read in other devices? i’m not sure the f/w is even the issue, but it’s always a good idea to keep firmware up to date so you should look into that as well.

i don’t use RW media, but it seems like finalization is always an issue…

reasonsnotrules, I don’t think it needs to be finalized as I can read other discs I haven’t finalized. I’m comparing an older 4x disc I did and one difference is that the disc was written with DVD-ROM (ISO) chosen in Nero at the beginning. The 8x disc was written with DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) chosen. Could that be the problem?

nooooooooooo idea. i’m more of a video kind of girl (+/-R and -ROM). the rewriteable stuff will have to be handled by someone else.

it won’t hurt to give the firmware update a try though while you’re waiting for more input in this thread. just make sure you get the firmware from the manufacturer’s website :slight_smile:

it could be that the firmware in your toshiba drive supports reading of 4x, but not 8x RW discs. there may be a firmware update that addresses this so it’s worth a shot. at the very least, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of the latest firmware for your drive.

They need to be finalized to be readable in non-burners. You can read unfinalized ones in burners, of course.
+RW 8x are too new for a 1712, without doubt. But the source of all the problems here seem that you have booktyped the +Rw to DVD-ROM.

I’ve experienced that also with a 1612…

You have latest firmware.

As I understand the link, using the patched firmware will achieve +r/rw reading. If you flash, I doubt the 1712 will be able to read a 8x +RW.

I flashed my 1612 to J004 to get +r/rw reading.

If you are satified with the 1712, don’t flash. You can use the Benq 1655.

The 1712 should be out of warranty many years ago.


Got a flashed SD-M 1712 with J004 and a Benq 1655. There were no probs with J004. It works very well without the speed limit, RPC1, etc. Thanks Hijacker!!! :bow:
I think it’s a Writing/Firmware problem in 1655 since BCDB. Cause if I burn Verbatim 4x DVD+RW (MKM.A02) with Booktype DVD-ROM the Toshi and DVD-Movieplayer can’t read. Think with the first Firmware BCAB(?) it wasn’t a problem, but I don’t know really sure. It’s very weird, because Benq 1655 can play the MKM.A02 without problems!?
Meanwhile I’ve tested other mediums:
A Phillips 8x DVD+RW (RICOHJPN W21) with Booktype DVD-ROM is very well recognised in SD-M 1712 and Hardware DVD-MoviePlayer and played without problems.
A TDK 4x DVD-RW (TDK601saku) is played in 1712 without problems, too.
The DVDs were burned with ImgBurn - highest possible speed – DVD-ROM-Booktype – and it were DVD-Movies (VideoTS-Folder Structure). Home made Videos from a camcorder.
Ever tested on a -/+RW before burnt on a DVD-/+R.
If you’re looking with ala42’s MSCE-Tool in BCDB-Firmware, there is no working writing strategie for Verbatims MKM.A02, as I can see. Maybe a very bad burn on unknown +RW from 1655, that other drives can’t handle? :confused:
Maybe your Media-strategie is not in the Firmware, too. :confused:

I’ve had these recognition troubles all the time with +RW media booktyped to DVD-ROM that should be read into 1612 and 1712 drives by Toshiba…

heavyload, nice avatar!!

I seem to have fixed the problem by clicking on “Refresh compilation when importing session”(it wasn’t automatically selected). I didn’t try finalizing the disc because the finalize box is grayed out, and I always had it booktyped to dvd+rw. Thanks for your input anyway.