BenQ 1655 digital out "only"



Looking at some reviews of the 1655 and probably 1650 BenQ writers I see some say they cannot use them because of only a “digital” output.
I sure my MB and audio card are analog. I have the 1640 using the analog out.
So what does this mean for me? Will I not be able to use these digital out only models? Will CD’s not be heard without an audio out…or DVD’s for that matter.
To sum up is the 1640 my last usable BenQ or does the digital out not have to be used? I’m confused and find it hard to think I’m about the only one with just analog connectors and BenQ would just drop potential customers by losing the optional outputs (digital & analog)
So how can I use the 1650/55?
Thanks for any help or suggestions.


Looks like the pins are removed from the analog output

I don’t use any of the audio connectors.


No connections are necessary. Just set the device to “enable digital CD audio output” in device manager. It’s only old software that might need the physical connection from the analog socket to the sound card.


So if no audio connectors are used (jvb) and No connections are necessary (TimC) are you saying “all” audio and video is handled through the IDE connection? (CD and DVD)?
So if I disconnect my analog out on the back of my 1640 I can still see and hear video and audio while playing either CD or DVD, also rip all data (audio and video) without any audio connection? If so I never knew that. Also I dont understand why reviewers said they could not use the 1655 with their current computers due to the lack of analog output. Interesting.

TimC, I run win98se and my device mgr, does not have an option to “enable digital CD audio output”. Dont know if that is a problem.
I really appreciate the help even though I’m not sure why audio outputs are included if they are not needed.?
Trying to understand, Jonn
edit>> TimC in my control panel / multimedia / tab-CD Music there is at the bottom a selection titled "Enable digital audio for this CD-Rom device"
However, it is “greyed out” and I cannot tick it to enable. Is this yet another problem?
I really do appreciate your time guys.


It’s been about 5 years now that I connect only the IDE of my optical drives. Even in Win98, never had a problem. The sound card manages anything that must be output to analog.

I’m wondering, just like you, why some drive still come with an analog audio output. Besides, the quality of the DACs (digital to analog converters) in optical drives is (for obvious price reasons) of low quality, so it makes no sense at all to use them… in my opinion of course. :wink:

For ripping, would it be data or audio, the process is aways 100% digital anyway.


Thanks for the replies.
I guess everything runs through IDE. I unhooked the analog cable from my 1640 and played a DVD and CD. Sound came through on both. OK.

So no audio cable is required. Great. I must be the last to find this out :slight_smile:
Still dont understand why some say they cant use 1655 because no analog out. Or if no audio cable is needed why have them?
Much appreciation,


Don’t you believe it. I would guess that a vast number of people installing optical devices still connect the audio cable. I’ll admit I was until last year & I’ve built & upgraded PCs for the last 15+ years.