BenQ 1655 (Connect Computers) On Sale at CompUSA

You might have seen the ads for the I/O Magic branded (IDVD16DLS) at Office Max a few days ago for $49.98, but they were hard to find. Now we have the Connect Computers, which is a re-badged BenQ 1655 for $49.99 after instant rebate. These were $69.99 for as long as I can remember.

Go git 'em Freaks!

Thanks picked one up. This also has the LightScribe tech. Something that I have been interested in trying.
I just bought a Norwood Micro DVD burner from compusa today, with mail-in rebates it was $19. It says on the bottom that it was made by BenQ model: DW1650. I guess it is also another re-badge. Do you think this one is any good?

Heck yeah it’s good! A BenQ 1650 for $19? Sheeeot, that’s a smoking bargain on a drive that burns really well, plus does some excellent scanning and has tuning functions. I have two of the Norwood Micro 1650’s, plus a 1655.

Hint: Crossflash the Norwood Micro 1650 to official BenQ firmware with “BQFlasher”.

How much is the rebate?? $30???

The Norwood internal is $20 after a $10 rebate and a $30 rebate. The Norwood external is $30 after $10 & $30 rebates.

rebates suck. they’re a waste and never come back

They never come back if you don’t follow the instructions carefully. Don’t blame the process if you don’t know how to submit them and protect yourself by keeping a copy of the submission.

Exaggerate much? I’ve gotten dozens of rebate checks over the years. If you make copies of everything you submit, you can complain if you don’t get a rebate.

KTL: They never come back if you don’t follow the instructions carefully.

I always go after rebates but rebate companies have promised manufacturers a percent will fail. When I have been denied, it is always for an absurd/ridiculous reason (didn’t submit a UPC). As I have the toll-free numbers and the fax for resubmission, I play the game (I call, they verify and it is approved - but they never apologize for their mistake).

Rebates require diligence but many people follow the directions and are still denied. This is when the rebate companies hope you give up.

My Compusa rebates have been coming back very quickly. I recieved my $30.00 PNY 7900GS rebate back after only 3 weeks! My rebate for the first Northwood Micro DW1650 has already been approved and I just sent it in two weeks ago. Fry’s has been very good too with a quick turnaround on an Ultra PSU rebate

Office Depot on the other hand is pretty bad. I’m still waiting on my 19" Hanns-G and Windows XP upgrade rebates from 3 months ago. I’ve had to resubmit and call a couple of times even though I am very thorough when I send in rebates. Always make scans of EVERYTHING before you mail it off to CYA.

Where do I find this “BQFlasher”???

Never heard of “Computer Connect” name before is hard to know how this one will turn out.

Where do I find this “BQFlasher”???

Just do a search on the forum for it and be sure to read the directions.
You can Google it too for more info, that’s what I did to x-flash my Northwood Micro to a BenQ.

Look here:

Has anyone flashed this Connect Computers drive to a real BenQ DW1655 (retail) firmware yet? No problems?


It IS a BenQ retail 1655 with a black faceplate, has the benQ warranty card, BenQ retail bezel, and firmware. At least the one I found a few months ago was. I even paid 69 becuase I was so happy to even find a true 1655 again, and retail was even better. Also has Nero OEM bundle with it too if anyones cares.

Hello. I’m writing specs on some new PCs and now that benq is basically gone. What should I spec? I’m convinced that benqs greatness is in its adaptive writing. It can write to junk similar to what others can do on top quality media. It sounds like liteon and maybe lg have that now. Do they really work like the benq or is there something else? I want a burner that can write to any media, now, and into the future. Are Phillips getting easier top find in the U.S.?
Thanks for any advice, Damon

rebates are hits and misses, I dont mind filling out the rebates, but of course no1 claims that they get the check 100% of the time. I did so many rebates and a few I never heard from. The best retail store with high rebate success rate is Circuit City. They process their rebate the fastest, with email confirmation, I dont know who handles their rebate, but imho, cc is the best store for rebates.
the BenQ 1650 for $20 is a steal but $40 rebates?? c’mmon now, I spent $35 shipped for my benQ 1640 and $41 shipped for my BenQ 1655, NO REBATES.
I hate CompUSA and I will continue hating them, it is a rebate Heaven. I have been avoiding that store for so long since I find most items somewhere else for the same price without the rebates and to get the same price at COMPUSA, you have to deal with the rebates.

If BenQ 1650 and 1655 is a must have for you, then you dont have any other choices but to go through the rebates or just buy the drive and ignore the rebates. Staring tomorrow, they will be having the Connect Computer brand LS, should be a BenQ 1655 for around $8 after rebates, a much better deal than the Norwood brand deal since the rebates are the same amount but most rather have the 1655 than the 1650

I went to the store shortly after it opened this morning. They had about a dozen of these “Connect Computers” drives. Two different SKUs, 34022 and 34024. The 34022 SKU said LightScribe on the box, so I opened it and sure enough, it was a DW1655; I bought it – with tax $51, a $40 rebate should make it an $11 drive.

I don’t know what is in the boxes with the 34024 SKU.

EDIT: From the appearance once I got it home an un-boxed, I would say that this is probably a return/repackaged drive. Screws missing, paperwork copies as opposed to original, etc. March 2006 manufacture date.

EDIT: From the appearance once I got it home an un-boxed, I would say that this is probably a return/repackaged drive. Screws missing, paperwork copies as opposed to original, etc. March 2006 manufacture date.[/QUOTE]

I just looked closely at mine and it is a new drive with protective plastic sheeting on the faceplate and the manual & software was in a sealed plastic bag (not a copy). Also there was a seal on the outer Connect Computer box. You might have received a store return that should have been clearenced as a Manager’s Special. Also has a March 2006 manufacture date, the Norwood Micro DW1640 (OEM BenQ DW1640) has a manufacture date of January 2006.