BenQ 1655 - Black OEM - $49.99 Shipped From Newegg


Get yours here:

Happy Burnin’


You sure do get all the info Mike, I have to hand it to you, you are on top of every deal on the internet and passing on that information helps us all, I just wanted to thank you.

They had the same sale yesterday also and drive doesn’t with any software.

Darn it! Mine arrived today. I had to pay $4.85 shipping. My drive is an OEM and it DID come with Nero (includes Lightscribe stuff). No QSuite, etc but that can be downloaded (see the Global download website, not the US one).

Yo Alan-

Thank you - for the kind words - but in truth - I really stumble upon them - maybe the difference is that I take the time to post them in here-