BenQ 1655 Black OEM $36.99 Shipped



Credit go to RhindleLAK
Free 3 days shipping, no rebate @ (same company with Newegg)
Expired 06/10/06




Genuine bargain - and seems preferable to the 1650 from most accounts-eh!



Nice post!


Hey gheto, outstanding!!!. Just ordered one. Appreciate the reference to newegg as I had never heard of them. Checked them out at resellerratings and they score 9.74…sweet… :iagree:


Yo maineman-

You are gonna just love Newegg - they are so awesome - reliable - and their prices/selection if not the best on the net - is near the top - with outstanding customer service-

I have 29 orders in the last two years (thanks to Jesterrace and chas0039) for over $3000…and counting-eh!



Mike, I think I posted the above in my sleep-deprivation state. What I meant was that I had never heard of ChiefValue, but was reassured to find that they had ties to newegg. I just read my post #4 and that’s not what I said at all… :o … :bigsmile:
I’ve actually racked up about 14 orders myself over the last 2 years. My last custom pc (2004 XMAS present for the old man) was all newegg.

You are so right…newegg rocks!!! My favorite retailer on the planet.


chiefvalue(5 items) 265$
newegg 22 pages of invoices


well, chiefvalue and newegg are indeed affiliated, but chiefvalue ships a bit slower than newegg. Whenever I order from newegg, if the order is placed before 12:00 pm, I receive the item next day. Chiefvalue, normally takes 2 days. But I like them both since I am never in a hurry for anything. Sometimes my item arrived and I just let it sit for a week before I even have time to install it. So one day delay doesn’t bother me a bit.


chiefvalue stayed with fedex a little longer, when I called about setting up my account
and arranging a special ship to, the support guy claimed they had no afilliation with newegg, I researched it, same warehouses, same states, etc. But then my chiefvalue
boxes came with newegg special blurps in them, end of story.


I ordered the Benq on 6/8 from chiefvalue. It shipped out of secaucus NJ and on 6/9, it was already in chelmsford MA…maybe this is just a fluke (and I’m not in a hurry), but hey, this is pretty impressive service… :iagree:


Newegg and Chief Value are both owned by ABS Computer…both provide exceptional service and comparable pricing. I’ve ordered as late as 1:00 PM Pacific Time and had the order ship the same day…


I am not complaining about chiefvalue. I ordered from newegg, I received the item next day since I am very close to them in term of distance. If I ordered from Chiefvalue, I receive it 2 days later for free ground shipping, which is till super fast. I guess the delay is the carrier. Newegg uses UPS ground and UPS by default and UPS is known for very fast shipping if you are within 60 miles of the origination, even it is ground. Chiefvalue sometimes uses fedex ground and sometimes uses UPS. When they use Fedex, I wont receive it next day even I place my order very early.