Benq 1655 BCIB can't read its own burns =(

I have a “BenQ LS DW1655 BCIB”.

The problem is that it cannot read the burns it has done it self.

What can be wrong? I backup my dvd movies

Really need some proff help :bow:

Maybe you have used bad media. Which media are you using?
I recommend Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, or (only Japanese) Maxell.

I use Verbatim Full Face 16 DVD+R

My dvd player can play them with no problems… So this is kind of wierd problem :sad:


Can your BenQ read pressed DVDs or DVD-/+R media burnt by other drives without problems? also, does it have the same problem with CD media?


I experienced similar with Philips branded Infome R30 and Philips DVDR 1660. Disc was perfectly readable in all my drives except for Philips DVDR1660 and Benq 1650.
Seems, this might happen with some discs and these drives :frowning: