Benq 1650v new firmware:"tale" supported pi/pf/pof scan



It seems to be more ACCURATE than a LITE-ON 167T DVD-ROM :bigsmile:


IT is a RITEK 4X DVD-R [MID:RITEK G04] burnt by a nec-3500AG at 4x.


Wouldn’t this be better placed in the NEC forum, as the quality is determined by the writer, not the reader?


Not really its a BenQ drive and all he is saying is that the new firmware supports PIE/PIF scanning for the BenQ 1650V DVD-ROM drive.


I mean only few DVD-ROM supported this pi/pf/pof test function.
Besides LITEON 167T,another choice is appeared.


Ah ok. The only dvd-rom I had was a QSI and it supported error scans as well, but it made a mess of it. I think most dvd-roms do. This one looks quite decent. Would be interesting to compare it to a BenQ writer.


I’m curious. How does this drive perform compared to other DVD readers? Say for example: Toshiba SD-M1712, Aopen 1648/AAP Pro, etc? Safedisc reading? Ripping copy protected audio? DVD ripping speed? Noise? Thanks.


Is there a way to extract the firmware for 1650V?


BenQ 1650V firmwares can be found here, including TALE as well as newer firmware TANE.


Any reason you would like to do that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi :slight_smile:
Why do you want it? Why not download from [B]here[/B]:


I bought a 1650V DVD-ROM that came with the latest firmware TAOE. AFAIK its not available on any BENQ website. I want to play around with the Plextor PX-130A firmware, but if I revert to the BENQ firmware in future, I would be stuck with TANE which is widely available. So I would like to back up my TAOE firmware.


I have a firmware TAOE with my new 1650V that is later than TANE. My DVD-ROM was manufactured in March 2006, so its surprising that BENQ has still not updated their website.


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry I thought you just wanted TALE f/w. But otherwise your right TANE appears to be the latest listed f/w. Tried several sources. :doh:


I guess there is no way to backup firmware for this drive ?

Anyway, I finally located the latest firmware TAOE :bigsmile: :

Click Here


woohoo, thanks! i flashed my TANE drive with the above firmware with no issues. i also contacted the maintainer of the dvp-1650v page to list TAOE as the newest firmware


Does the 1650v overburn like the dw1650?
Can’t find the review for this “v” model…


a DVD-ROM drive cannot overburn :disagree: :wink: