BenQ 1650V - Is a DVD-ROM

Check out this thread. They even have the 1620 again.

So??? We know it is a DVDrom. But we also know the DW1650 is a burner!! I am sorry but I don’t understand your thread :wink:

Why would they give the same model number to both drives. I really don’t understand myself, if this was common knowledge please excuse my not knowing .

Its a DVP-1650v. There is also a DVP-1640v. So, I think you owe alan an appology!

Why? He simply stated that a DVP1650 isn’t the same thing as a DW1650… which is of course correct.


There is also the DW1640!!
I think Alan thought the DW1650 was a dvdrom. I am just telling him that the DW1650 is actually a burner! and the DVP1650 is a reader!

I’m somehow missing the point of this… it has just gone over my head!