Benq 1650Strange Problem

Hello friends,
i just got my new benq 1650 dvd writer two days back…now i am facing a strange problem… u see when i try to write at 16x it does so taking around 13-15 minutes…but when i try to copying the contents from the same disk onto harddisk to gives a message like this…

Cannot copy VTS_01_3: Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)

i tried this on two medias : sony dvd-r & moser baer - r… but the problem does not persist when i write it at 12x…plz someone help me so that in case if there a problem with my writer i can get it checked

Is the Benq on the same IDE cable as the source (HDD I guess)?

Most would burn a 16x disk at 12x anyway as this tends to give the best results.

Have you used Qsuite to set the SolidBurn parameters , like Enabled for known media.

Nope… my hdd is on ide 1 & dvd writer & cd rom is with ide 2… i did the burning when solidburn feature was activated for both known & unknown media …
also i forgot to mention another strange thing… when i wrote the dvd disk at 12x , it took 10.3 mins while at 16x it takes somwhere around 13-15 minutes…

Either the media is not best burned at 16x or you’ve got severe fragmentation on the HDD. Did you notice the read buffer fluctuating badly?

Or maybe the HDD is not running in Ultra DMA mode as it should be.

Presumably all the IDE cables are quality 80wire ones.

And what software are you using for burning?

i tried that on two media : 1.) Sony 16x 2.) Moser Baer 16x…and yes,indeed, there is a lot of read buffer fluctuations while buring… hdd is set to ultra dma mode… i checked it out… i am using nero 7 premium

Plz guys help me… if i find the problem i will able to change the drive from my vendor

Uninstall NERO 7 which is full of bugs. You can use free software like IMGBURN or IMGTOOL BURN. Use the NERO CLEAN TOOL after you’ve uninstalled NERO BURN. If your drive came with OEM version of NERO BURN 6.6.14 install that one. Use better quality dvd media like VERBATIM & TAIYO YUDEN. Use DVDINFO PRO or DVD IDENTIFER to find out the media id of those SONY discs that you’re using.

Cycle redundancy errors are usually from using crappy dvd media that the drive cannot read back. Are you trying to rip files to your hard drive from a Sony/Moser Baer disc? Or are you trying to rip a commercial dual layer dvd disc?

Thanks for ur reply sir…see what i did was i wrote some files ( 700mb dvd rip movies) on the disk & to check whether its been properly burned i tried to copy the files from the same disk to the hard disk… i used nero 7 premium for the procedure but still the problem persist after using nero 6

one more thing… this problem is only when i write at 16x … at 12x it writes like a charme…but still i want to know if my drive is faulty… is there any means through which i can find out how to check a faulty drive


if writing works @12x, then it is possibly a media issue (or there is something wrong with your system)


hi micheal , u might be correct… but my friend who owns a sony dru-820a have already tested the media & it worked well… not giving any [B]Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)[/B]…

Well, this is another drive. Possibly it supports your media better than your drive.


hello again… i know its a silly question…does the led of the drive(Benq 1650) is always green when the disk remains in the drive but not in use???.. but whats the ideal speed for dvd burning & how much time it bounds to take whil writing at 16x???

Clean the original disk and run dvdregionfree and your problem will go away!
Benq drives always display a green light when there is a disk in it. Good reminder!!

It should take around 6 minutes to burn a full disk at 16x.