Benq 1650 Writing Problems

Hi guys

i had 4 of thoso 1650 drives cuz everybody were talking about them very positive. but i had a lot of problems with them. two of them allready doesnt work at all and the other two failing to burn a lot of dvds. i got aopen 400 watt psu. and i use d 930 pcocesser, 4*1650 drives, do you think my psu is not enough. bye the way how many dvd do u think i can burn with them. if thats the limit, i’ve allready burned about 500 dvds with each.


Get a better power supply like a ANTEC TRUE POWER SUPPLY 430-500 watts power supply. It would depend on what other components that you have in your computer such as how many hard drives you have running, case fans and dvd burners.

Use this link to find out how much power you need:

my system is

d 930 cpu
2512 twinmos ram
250 gb seagate harddrive
benq 1650 dvdrw
1600pro gpu

i’ve calculated it before and i found out i need about 350 watts. and my psu is aopen 400 watt. so i tought its enough. r u sure its psu

Don’t calculate the wattage, but calculate the amperage.
Saying “I have a 400W PSU” has same content of information like “my PSU has golden fan grills”.