Benq 1650 won't work

I installed it the good way
my pc recognised it
the led is burning and blinking
i can open it
but it will not read any cd or dvd
every time it ask for new media, doesn’t recognise it
should it go back to the shop or am i wrong

what do you mean “installed it the good way”

what position is it on the IDE cable? which IDE cable is it on? how do you have the jumper set?

Are you using an 80 lead ide lead?
What burning program are you using?

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I’ll try to visualize what reasonsnotrules is asking about.

Pics curtesy of Philips Electronics N.V. Installation guide here.

i tried more than one program
several players (audio and dvd)
several copy programs
now it’s my slave but tried master as well
the cable i use is the same as to my other dvd player and that works fine
windows does recognise the burner
but the benq won’t recognise anyting
no audio files no movies no normal software
it looks at the dvd (emty or full ) but after that
it asked to put in media

Robert to help you, you must answer all the questions put to you.
You have to remember we are trying to diagnose the fault with your answers.
Now is the IDE cable you have 40 or 80 wire? In any case try a new 80 wire cable they are cheap enough and will eliminate the possibility of a faulty lead.
In bios on the motherboard is the drive correctly recognised?
Go to hardware device manager click on the DVD drive and properties and see if windows correctly identifies it?
If you put a pressed cd or dvd does the drive recognise it, can it be played or the contents recognised in windows explorer?
What burning programs give you the error message?