Benq 1650 with TYG02 @ 8x! Reasonable Scan?



Hi all,

I have just bought a spindle of 100 unbranded silver top TYG02’s. I’ve done a few scans, and they’re all similar. This is my best scan, usually total PIF is 700 and total PIE is 50,000? Is this the sort of scan I can expect from this media and my 1650? Why the slowdown at the end of the disc? SB is on for known/unknown media, WOPC on and OS off.



That’s a good scan. However, there seems to not be an explanation of the slowdown in the transfer rate test from the quality scan. Does the disc play without problems?


Total PIF of 136 (as shown above) is really a very nice scan. You state that your average total PIF is closer to 700, but that is still not bad. Your results are about what I normally get with the Value Line TYG02.

I’m not certain why your transfer rate test shows a dip at around 3.8 gig. Could it be that your cpu got busy with something else and quit paying attention to Cdspeed momentarily? Have you tried running the TRT again on this disc?