BENQ 1650 VS Pioneer DVR111

Anyone have any comparison between those two? I need a new burner soon but don’t know which one to get. Anyone can run me down which one of the 2 is better for -

  1. Media sensitivity(I hope to find something that don’t lockup on many cheap media)
  2. DL burning
  3. Overburning

If you want this feature, BenQ is only choice (unless you include Plextor).

I’ve got both & am happy about that as I think they fit together well.

Whilst both burn very well I think the 1650 has the edge but it lacks the DVD-RAM writing which I use the 111 for.

The 1650s are becoming difficult to find & I recently got myself another as a safeguard.

If you don’t want DVD-RAM capability get the 1650.

And as I know, 111, don’t support booktype DVD+R media.

And for cheap media, I think that BenQ is better choice, because it have Solidburn technology, which “learns” how to burn disc with good results.

okay thanks for your feedbacks… hope i am able to get a 1650 here in australia

The 111D can be cross flashed to 111L to enable auto bit setting and DVDRAM, and IMO the 111s are best over all performance in CDFreaks reviews and is why I chose the 111 myself. The only knock against the 111 IMO is that it’s not a good good scanner which is unimportant to me. I recommend the Benq if scanning is important or the Pioneer if scanning is not important.

I’d have to say that I think the 1650 is a marginally better burner over a wider variety of media. It’s a little hard for me to judge that though as I’ve only got 3 different top class media in stock (TY T02 , TY T03 & MCC004) . I discount my redundant spindle of Ritek G05s.

When cross-flashed to 8.29 (111L) it does.

I vote for Benq too… I am glad I grabbed another 1655 from a friend.

I’m using low end media, basically CMC MAGs, Sony D21, and the Ritek bands. What I notice between the two: BenQ burns better, less PIF in general, and yields a slightly better burn. The Pioneer on the other hand seems to be more layman friendly and rips movies better/easier. So if you wanna burn, go BenQ, if you wanna rip, go Pioneer? Anyways, I got them both and am only mad at the BenQ cause I can’t figure out the best firmware to get a 98+ Quality Scan with 200 or less PIF.

To be honest the difference in both drives is minimal…
I also have both its basically down to personal preference (in fact i still use my 1640 for some things instead of the 1650)
But go with either and you wont be dissapointed unless you want dvd-ram