BenQ 1650 v Pioneer 111D

I was just about to purchase a BenQ 1650, but I heard people talking about the Pioneer 111D. What do you think?

Opinions greatly appreciated!

Depends on what you want.

I got the 1650 because I saw it as a longer term option.

The drive has been reported to be a more reliable scanner than the 111D, and also has SolidBurn (self learning write strategies)

The review of the 111D I read seemed to show it as a slightly better burner overall however (slighly less PI/PIF on a range of media). I’d check for myself at the Pioneer sub-forum and try and get more info from there (the CDFreaks reviews + other peoples posts & scans)

They are both good choices.

The advantage of the Pioneer 111 is RAM support (with 8.26L for the D model also). Also the PIO is a good alround device and a very good reader and a good burner.

The Benq has no RAM support but is maybe the best writer, in my opinion overall slightly bettet than the Pioneer. It is a little bit more flexible and you can even get with average media like CMC very good results. The PIO can also burn very good, but needs good media for that. A unique advantage of the BenQ is Solidburn and the QSuite Tool with which you can modify the working conditions of your BenQ to your deserves. And the BenQ is a good scanner for his own burns.

So if you want RAM the Pioneer is the best choice at the moment. Use good media and burn at 12x you will have no problems with that device.

When you want the best possible burner and qualitytests the BenQ is your choice.

I’ve got both & am very pleased with both of them so either are very good buys.

If you want to do disc quality scanning then the 1650 is the one. Supposedly the Pio is an excellent dual layer burner but as I don’t do this I can’t confirm this from personal experience.

I go for BenQ 1650 because more community support and firmware availability.