BenQ 1650 Question + Philips F/W

I just burnt a Verbatim 16x -R (MIT) @ 16x and it took 16mins 7seconds :frowning:

SB on/on
OS off

What could reduce the burn times, because as the burn begins, Nero assumes the burn should take around 4 mins (which it never does, at least not for any drive I’ve seen).

I saved a screenshot + nero log (for posterity I guess). Didn’t post due to size, but no errors were reported, drive did seem very slow and quiet though.

Is there any advantage to using Philips 1660 firmware (the drives use the same chipset right?)

Does anyone do this?? (Getting better reliability/speed/results??)


Check DMA status.

Is there any advantage to using Philips 1660 firmware (the drives use the same chipset right?)
It is indeed possible to xflash Benq 1650 to Philips 1660 and vice versa. BTDT.
Latest versions of Benq and Philips firmware support the same media, the tables gained with MCSE are identical. I don’t know if Philips firmware will be better or worse, that is something you’ll have to find out for yourself. But one thing is for sure: you will lose scanning capabilities with Philips firmware (Ok, it scans, but only at 1x or so)


I had the same issue with BCHC and SB On: This FW slows down the speed down to 4X if it feels your media is not very good.

If you save as png it should’nt be a probelm.

My 1648 perfom better with the Philips FW than with the Benq 1640 FW. I didn’t try switching my 1650 FW. I will probablly do it very soon.
Does anyone do this?? (Getting better reliability/speed/results??)[/QUOTE]

DMA is on

F/W is BCDC. SB was on, but this is the 4th or 5th burn with SB on for this media, so I don’t know why it took so long.

I won’t be trying Philips F/W if scanning is lost (why?), as its one of the reasons why I got the drive.

I’ve never had a burn this long before

Try with SB Off/On and OS off, and compare the scans (SB Off vs SB On).

Also to show the exact write speed in Nero Burning ROM, edit the registry or grab the .reg here. It’s also in my signature for your convenience.