BenQ 1650 or NEC ND 3550A?

My older I/O Magic 16x dvd burner is giving me an awful lot of burn errors, so I was planning to get a new dvd burner. I was checking out newegg, and found two dvd burners which seemed to have decent reviews - the BenQ 1650 and the NEC 3550A. Can anyone help me decide which drive is better?

I have a Compaq SR1303WM with 2 200GB Maxtor 7200rpm hard drives, 768 MB RAM, PNY nVIDIA geforce 5200 128MB, and a stock Lite-on CD-R/DVD combo drive.

Thanks a lot!!

PS: I have a 200W power supply, this seems to run things fine, but do you guys suggest an upgrade?

If I were chosing between the two, I would go with the BenQ. 200W power supply is a little on the low side, I would beef it up a little 300W plus.

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I’d definitely beef up that PSU a bit., as suggested :wink:

Tough call, but I’d probably pick the BenQ too. I’m happy with mine.


Ouch! This might be the reason, why your burns become bad. There are decent 200W PSUs, but with your configuration, it will operate beyond its limits. Get a decent 350W rated PSU (e.g. Fortron) with enough power on the +12V rail. If your burn quality does not improve then, then it is time to get a new drive (or a warranty replacement).


the PSU is sufficient if your processor is PIII, but still your heel is on the edge. Before buying another burner, upgrade your PSU. And you I/O Magic drive might pretty well be a BenQ drive. So check it out before buying another burner.

Not owned the ND 3550A but i do have a ND4551 and a Benq1650&1655. And the benq is a far superior burner in my eyes. Faster, alot more options and the quality is better too. :clap: :clap: If your a looney like me and scan every backup you do then the benq wins again. :doh: :doh:

is there any way i can tell if it is a BenQ?
btw, i run an amd sempron 3000+ processor, so i guess my power supply is being stretched. i wonder though - it used to burn dvd’s perfectly just a couple of days ago, wonder what went wrong all of a sudden…

The CPU is not, what matters. Modern DVDRW drives need much power. Just have a look at the stickers on the drives, that can be seen in the reviews here. So the Philips 1660 (Benq 1650) needs 1,8A@12V and 1,6A@5V. LG H10A is rated 2A@12V and 1,5A@5V. In addition, he has another ODD and 2HDDs. For each drive, additional 1,5-2A@12V must be taken into consideration. This exceeds the output of (older) 200-250W rated PSUs.

Before buying another burner, upgrade your PSU.
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or a new box :cool: :bigsmile: :smiley:
You know you need an excuse to slide a new box under that burner. LOL

Just a word about the processor. According to AMD the Sempron 3000+ will draw 62W so I believe that it’s a significant factor when only 200w is available.

Hi folks,

I have been searching threads to get an answer on “Which is Better BenQ 1650 or BenQ 1655 … provided I don’t care for the Lightscribe function?”

@McStylisT … I noticed in your Sig Line you have one of each BenQs 1650 & 1655!!! If I am looking for a Back-up to my existing 1640 (with BSRB Firmware) … as a Reader and Burner … which one should I get the 1650 or the 1655?

Also, I plan to install the BenQ 1650/55 in the same computer that I have the BenQ 1640 … will this cause a problem for me?


Don’t mean to hijack this thread, but the discussion has gone the direction of power supplys. I have a three year old Gateway 2.4 Pent IV with 80 gig and 160 gig hard drives and 3540 and 1640 and have not noticed any problems. What kind of problems would I expect from the "small’ power supply? Thanks,

Sorry for the crappy late reply mate. :doh:

from what i can tell the 1650/1655 are more or less the same burners except for the lightscribe feature on the 1655. Personaly i like the 1655, but that doesnt mean that the 1650 is not as good. They are equil really , give or take a few burns.

really do you need lightscribe !!! and thats your answer. :bigsmile:

And the drives will install themselfs with no problem. As long as your using windows XP the drives are auto set to the device.

So enjoy burning, and post a few scans on whatever drive you buy. :clap: :clap:

Thanks McStylisT.