Benq 1650 open box for $25?

My NEC 3550a has stopped reading dvdr media. 2nd Nec within 2 years. I wont buy NEC again.

So - I narrowed my choices between Pioneer 112d and Benq 1650.

Zip zoom fly has Benq 1650 for $25 (open box) and $29 (new). Should I go for open box?

or is Pioneer 112d a better choice overall?

Will be burning for xbox 360 (DL), PS2…Also must be able to READ back DVDS…unlike the nec.


The 1650’s at ZipZoomFly are not DW1650 burners, but 1650V models that are readers only.

the benq is a dvd-rom drive

Oh. Thanks… Any place to purchase a Benq? I guess I would have to hit compusa and look. Dont really have time. Ill grab the Pioneer 112d…Appreciate your help…

your options have narrowed down to the pioneer because locating a BenQ drive at this time is almost impossible, I mean old benQ drive.

I cant even find a pioneer 111d or 112d. Newegg is sold out…,, and there are a few other reputable eRetailers out there that you can try

Looks like mwave has best deal for 112d -$43 shipped.

So - is the 112d best drive to get now? or should I bother looking into other brands? Not looking to spend much. $43 would be limit.

Its a good drive. For quality it is pretty consistent from my results. Not as fast as the LG-H42N (Another good drive) but if it were great in all areas everyone would have one. from me a good 8/10. :bigsmile:

I found it on shop4tech for $27 shipped after Googlecheck out and promo code.
Model# DVR112D.
I think thats best deal. Thanks for all your help!