BenQ 1650 only writing a 2x?

Hi there, i’m not sure if it’s the right place to post this thread but since i’m a newbie to this forum and didnt see a help thread i think it will do.

Problem: Since 3 months now my Benq 1620 and my new Benq 1650 are burning at 2x only.

Before that i was using fuji 8x dvd + r and it was working really good, burning at 8x was fine…even the fuji 16x + was working good at this time. Then i dont know waht happen but fuji change their packaging on the spindle and from that time it just doesn’t work for me anymore. I’m only able to write at 2x.

I always use dvd decrypter to burn and fuji dvd.
I did some test with nero and other media like sony dvd- and memorex dvd - and it still doesnt work, writng at 2x only. (takes 30 minute to burn a dvd)

I did format my drive change the cable etc…but nothing seems to work.

Any1 got an idea…i ordered a new cpu and motherboard, maybe it will influence but i dont know…

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Have you tried checking/enabling DMA?

as far as i remember, while installing a software it did ask me if i want to enable dma and i said yes…

i’ll check later tonight but i’m pretty sure it is activated.

Checking in Device Manager (as per the thread I linked to) is the definitive way…I don’t tend to take any notice of programs which tell me about DMA, as some can mis-report it (Nero springs to mind). :slight_smile:

alright i’ll make sure it is set to DMA. thx a lot.

ok so both ide channel are set to DMA if possible. But it did not change anything, still burning at 2x only.

any other idea??

I dont know if it can make a difference both burners are on channel 1.

Hard drive on #2

“DMA if possible” isn’t what we were looking for, because it’s a big “if possible”. What did it say it was actually set to? This information is in the greyed out boxes on the same tab where you found the “DMA if possible” setting.

Alright, this is what i have

sorry i’ve got a french version of windows. “DMA si possible” = DMA if possible.

its either PIO only, or DMA if possible

UPDATE: I changed my drive from IDE 1 to 2, then when back to windows, windows found new material, installed my benq 1620. I did try to burn a dvd after that, when up to 6x, then 3 seconds later when back to 2x…

Can it be the cable??? i’m running out of ideas.

In the thread some1 gave me earlier, it says DMA if possible too…

Multiword Mode 2 is not what you want. Follow the directions in the thread I linked to.

So if i translate it correctly your DMA is Multiword DMA 2. For 1650 it should be Ultra DMA Mode 2 (UDMA2). You can try to follow the instruction in that thread (uninstall the Secondary IDE Channel) and or change the IDE cable. Also after swapping the cable, test with Nero CD-DVD Speed “Burst Test”. IF you get around 23MB/s then it’s properly set as UDMA2.

Edit: Arachne beats me to it. :slight_smile:

actuly i did every thing in the thread…

how can i remove it ???

thx a lot

I am concerned on the question mark that I see in the pic all question marks can really make devices not run right too.

You uninstalled your Secondary IDE channel (or whichever channel your burners are on) in Device Manager?

ok, i just did that, did a test with the 1650 that is on channel 2, no luck,keeps burning at 2x

it gaves me the exact same thing as previously , see the image above

anything i can play with in the bios??

get a new ide cable maybe?


went to the bios, change setting: udma was disabled for IDE2.

now this is what it looks like.

but the same thing happen, my 1620 goes up to 6.6 x, then come back at 2x. The 1650 doesnt go faster than 2x.

Are they configured as Master and Slave or cable select?

i remove the 1650,
make sure the 1620 is set as master, plug it at the end of the cable.

still doenst work…buring at 2x…

Did you update any drivers before this started? You may need to rollback if so.

the firmware on the 1620 is B7W9.

i’m runing out of ideas.

I might wait to see when the new mobo will arrive how it will go.