BenQ sheep or two?

Is this a two sheep burner?

It is supposed to be at least two sheep but I haven’t tested it.

Thanks. My NEC 3500 is a very good burner, but it is only a single sheep machine.

I think it’s a one sheep, mine doesn’t pass the 2.9 SafeDisk test.

Based on the fact the 1650 was only supposed to be a better 16x writer than the 1640 (see here), I would assume the 1650 would back up to SafeDisk 2.51, making it a “2-sheep burner.”

If you want to run your own tests, click on this link to find out for yourself. :wink: This way, you will erase all doubts.

Unfortunately many burners regarded as 2 sheep models can’t reliably handle sd v. 2.9+ and even fewer can cope with v. 3.15+.

However, if your writer copes with v. 3.20, the odds are that it will cope with any later version too as most of the upgrades since then are directed primarily at virtual drive blacklistings rather than at physical copying.

I thought a 2-sheep burner has the ability to copy all version of safedisk 2.xx… then again, I was wrong… thank you for the information :slight_smile:

I think it`s a 3 sheep burner. Look there:�.html

Does it really matter? There isnt any consumer-level burner out there capable of copying the newest copy protections.

That’s why I said at least two sheep. But hmm… many sheeps for Plextor PX-750? (OEM TEAC/DQ60)