Benq 1650, NEC 3550A, Lite-On 163 Best Combination?

I have all three drives. I also have MKM 001 DL (Verbatim) (2.4x-8x) media as well as TY03 (Sony) DVD-R 16x SL.
Using Nero 7.

Which combo of a reader and writer would be the best (fastest and most accurate) combination for ‘on the fly’ copying?

Also, which drive (the reader or writer) should be on the primary IDE channel and which drive should be on the secondary IDE channel (I can have each as Master on each channel [my mobo has 4 on board IDE channels])?

Should both drives have 80-wire IDE cables?

Which Lite-On drive do you have again? I assume it’s 1693S?

Among those three, I would pick the 1650 as the burner and NEC3550 as the reader since the NEC is not riplocked (reads 12x on DVD±R/ROM DL and 16x on ±R/ROM).

Even if your system is powerful enough to do on the fly copy, I would still suggest to do it at 8x burn speed on your 16x SL media.

I don’t suggest to do on the fly copy for DL since it’s too risky! A 4x write speed on DL media will take around 25-30 minutes, if you get buffer underruns or system hang during those minutes you will waste your precious DL media.

^Thanks for your response.
The box for the lite-on says JVC Lite-on IT JLMS LTD 163-02/XJHD165H so I’m not exactly sure, I’d have to remove a drive to read the label. The lite-on is a reader only.
using a P4 1.6 with 768 mb ram.

The JLMS 163S/165S/166S were very good readers … at there time.
First of all: copying on the fly is not a good option.
But if you still want to do it, I know that the best reader (amoung your drives) is the Benq 1650. So read with the Benq and burn with the Nec.