Benq 1650 Firmware help?




I just got an OEM 1650, and I want to know which is the best firmware for it? I use mostly Verbatim DVD+R. Thanks

P.S Which utility is the safest to flash it with?


Hi :slight_smile:
The latest f/w BenQ global site.
BCFC is the latest for link see here. For some reason this is listed on one site only. However some folks getting the latest batch from NewEgg have reported drives dated 03/06 as having BCFC f/w. I use it & have no problems.
If you haven’t already done so. Download both QSuite & its manual. (Just double click links in my sig).
BTW these f/w are just click & run. So download the f/w,unzip & run.


Thanks a lot. Just one more question, can I enable Overburn with the Verbatim DVD+R Media?


Why don’t you check the 1650/1655 overburning thread? That should answer all your queries regarding overburning on a variety of media.

Regarding your original question, I use BCFC as well and have no problems so far.