BenQ 1650 External Burning Failure

Hi, I’m completely new here, and I don’t knwo much about burning and the like. A few days ago, I bought a 1650 for my laptop to work as an external burner. I also bought a special case for holding the burner.
I connected the burner to my laptop and it was installed without any ptoblems (USB Cable, Win2k).
I had a few Esperanza DVD+R x8 discs. I burnt a few data discs and later wanted to burn some more.
However, the burner does not want to burn anything. It starts burning, burns the lead in, than does not burn the data and just starts burning lead out.
Later there an error report. Saying nothing in particular.
I tried burning at x2,4 x4, x8 speeds and always a failure.

I flashed it to BCFC, did not help, BCDC does not work either.
What is the problem? Is it faulty?

Now I checked CDs and it does not want to burn them either (other brands of DVDs neither).
I think I’ll send it to the producer (RMA) :frowning:

…I also bought a special case for holding the burner…

What’s the brand and model of your enclosure (case)? Can you provide a link and more detailed information about chipset used (you’ll have to read inside enclosure).

For sure nothing wrong with your burner… :bigsmile:

The Enclosure is Weland Me 350u2. However at the moment I am not home and cannot identify the chipset.

The homepage of Welland is however I can’t find the chipset here.

Please Help!

Can you put it in a desktop and try it out? Make sure jumper is set right for experimental test. This will rule out external case being bad. Jumper settings here >


Open it (external case) up and see what chipset it is?

Don’t get frustrated there are bad drives and external cases with any brand.

@rollin56, the jumper is set in Master position.
I cannot check the burner in a desktop, because I ha no access to it.
I’ll check the chipset on Wednesday and post it here.
Thanks for help.

OK, I’m back home and I’ve just checked the chipset of the external enclosure. The chipset is ALi M5621 A1 0436 TH05. I think that should be enough.
Are the burning failures the chipset’s fault?

I can’t edit posts, so I’m writing a new one.
Today I flashed 1650 to BCHC and at first it worked. However, I used a new method, at first I made Nero test maximum speed and only after the test burn a DVD, then a CD. Later I tried to burn without checking maximum speed (which takes quite a lot) and burning failed. The program (it was DVD Shrink) reprted that SCSI device aborted or something like that, nero couldn’t see the drive anymore. I had to power it off and on. Now, I tried to burn a DVD with checking maximum speeed first, but a failure again.

P.S. Will changing the interface from USB to FireWire 1394 help?

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Sorry, can you read what I wrote at the beginning of the last post? I CANNOT EDIT. The edit button does not show up. Why? I haven’t a slightest clue.

Here it was possible t edit now. Why?

there is a time limit on when you can edit a post, half an hour to be exact. If you try to edit your post you just did now, you will see that it will let you edit it. :slight_smile:

I have had noluck with my ALi chipset case, its currently used for either a PX716A for reading and scanning only (errors on burning) or a 185GB HDD. I have tried my 1655, 1640 and 1620 in the case and none of them had been reliable so I ended up getting a new case.

I dont think you will have much luck. I have never found a firmware update for the ALi bridge chip.

@qwakrz, can you tell me what kind of chipset ou’ve got in the new enclosure, which as I understand works well?

Its a Prolific 3507C chipset in the new case BUT it is limited to 12x (as most users with a DW165x find)

I don’t care about the 12x limitation. I want to have a reliable DVD writer, that does not fail in 9/10 cases.

Thank you very much, now I can change the enclosure and be happy with my new burner :slight_smile:

At last, my problem is solved. I exchanged my Welland ME 350U2F to a Welland ME-340U2F, now the burner on USB works perfectly, I’ll try FireWire as soon as I get a cable.