Benq 1650 - doesnt load dvds/cds



Hi there
Ive recently had troubles with my dvd burner - after putting a dvd or cd in nothing happens, and going into the drive from my computer just opens an empty folder. After a bit of troubleshooting ive hit another problem - the drive is now listed as “CD Drive” rather than a dvd drive in my computer. Ive treid to change this under device manager but i cant seem to do anything. Can anyone give me a hand with these two probems?


The “CD Drive” listing is a Windows Explorer bug. :slight_smile:
(If you believe there’s more behind that, you should post a Nero InfoTool screenshot. ;))


You should install DVD-region free software. Some discs have specific code can be loaded in a specific region. You will not have to update your firmware if you use this program.