Benq 1650 coaster

I couldnt believe it but my first attempt at burning audio cd with Benq 1650 on sony cd-r audio 80 min (TY) has failed. Here is the error log from nero… I tested the media on my LG CD-RW and it passed so I doubt it has anything to do with the media.Plz help. :sad:

the oddest thing. I ran simulation with nero at 16x on these sony TY CD-R and it failed. Then i tested it on 12x and 24x and both passed.Go figure. I’ll try using sonic recordnow 7.3 and see what happens.How could this be possible. :eek:

Slower is not necessarily better. I get 95+QS scores on ritek and CMC 52x CD-Rs burning from Nero 6 at 48X on my 1655. I would bet that burning those at 16x is way too slow. Fire a couple of those through at 32x or 48x and watch the results!

the thing is the max speed given to me by nero is 24x on this media.Nero Gives me the option of 3 speeds: 12x/16x/24x of which 16x fails and the other 2 pass. Weird as that. seems like these Sony Audio CD-R are 24x… would it be safe to burn it at that top speed or slower say 12x?tx