BenQ 1650 ; capable to do the NERO Quality Scan?


Just bought a LG 4166B Lightscribe an i found out that this drive is NOT capable of doing a Quality scan using Nero Cd-DVD speed.
the start icon is blanked out…
Sold my BenQ 1640 yesterday.
I really use the Quality Scan a lot to check the quality of written media.
I want to sell the LG and replace it with a BenQ 1650 (dont need the lightscribe anyway, takes ages for a label to be burned)

So my Question is:

Is the BenQ 1650 just as good for Nero Quality Scan as my former BenQ 1640 was?

thanks in advance,

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum stevert. :iagree:
In short the answer to your question is yes. See here to get an idea of the comparison between the 1640/1650/1655.

thanks for the reply,
will order my BenQ 1650 tomorrow.