BenQ 1650 burner problem

Hi people,
1st post here, hopefully 1st of many.
I have recently bought a BenQ 1650 burner, i took it out of the box, glanced at the instructions and thought it would be relitvely easy to install.
I took the case of the tower, unplugged the CD-R drive and plugged in the DVD burner, reconnected all the cables and booted the computer.
Once all was up and what i thought was running i went for a test burn, but no burner could be found. This was strange. I went to the add new hardware option in the Control Panel but there was nothing new to add.
I asked a few friends and they said that i needed to download the latest firmware for the burner, but with out the computer recognising it that would be pointless.
Has any one had the same problem?
Can any one help me out?

Any help is good help.

did you set the jumper correctly on the back of the 1650? make sure it’s set correctly or the drive will not be recognized. check the bios to see if it’s recognized in there as well.

i have checked the bios and theres nothing in there.
might check the cable again see if its all lined up.
ill let you know what happens.

ok fixed it.
the jumper at the back was not connected properly.
Thanks for your help