Benq 1650 burn 16x data dvd with nero takes half hour?

I have a Benq 1650 BCHC and I burned a data dvd using Nero I had Qsuite Overspeed enabled and my 8x dvd-r maxells were set to burn at 16x. But it took almost 35 minutes to burn 4.0 gb of data and the task manager showed nero using 300 mb of memory. Is this normal? I can’t believe it would take that long since it showed 16x burns at 22000 KB/s. The disc should finish burning in less than 4 minutes. I tested a couple video files on the disk and they were perfect, but there’s 9 more hours of video and I don’t wanna wait to watch through them all to see if everything is ok. I did a simulation the second time and it still used massive memory and burned real slow.

The burner works fine I tested reading, ripping, and burning data cd’s and dvd iso’s but this doesn’t seem right. Is something wrong with the program or my computer?

Is there another program similar to Nero that can burn data and image files? Maybe I can try something else.

Maxells DVDs can really be crapy some time. If you enabled Solidburn, and it found out a crapy media, it can considerably slow down the burn speed.

  • Check if your DMA is enabled!!
  • Turn Off solidburn and Overspeed
  • burn at 8X.

Overspeeding should be enabled when burning very high quality media only.

Thanks for the quick reply. The maxell is listed as Mxl RG03 under Learned Disc, Media Information, in Solidburn so does that mean it’s crappy? The burner is connected to a SCSI card and during bootup it’s listed as Ultra DMA mode2 so I’m guessing it’s using DMA. I will disable overspeed and solidburn. I’m also going to upgrade to the latest version of Nero.

No. 16x is only reached near the physical end of the disc. A 16x (max) burn would result in a 12x average burn, requiring about 6-7 minutes.

Is there another program similar to Nero that can burn data and image files? Maybe I can try something else.
For images: IMGBURN. For data: try Deepburner or CDBurnerXP Pro.

You can’t connect an IDE drive to a SCSI card unless you install an additional adapter (if there is any).


Please let us know what is your SCSI card model. Also do a burst test in Nero CD-DVD Speed and let us know the MB/s you get.

Ok I just switched the burner to an IDE channel and simulated an 8x burn and it finished in 8 min. so I guess the SCSI card was the problem. It’s a Promise Ultra100tx2 model and the burner did work and during bootup it said it was on Ultra DMA2 mode but I guess it was false or it got reset in Windows I don’t know but I guess it’s fixed.

Also a separate problem that I didn’t mention before but still have is when I click on Nero Infotool I immediately get a bluescreen. I tried opening infotool 3 times and all 3 times got blue screen but I read somewhere that that is probably a software conflict? I got Alcohol 120, dvd decrypter, imgburn, dvdshrink, ratdvd, clonedvd2, convertx2dvd, and anydvd all installed. I guess I could uninstall them all one by one and try to see which one is causing it but if anyone already knows what the problematic software is I’d like to hear it. Could it be Alcohol?

It’s your pci controller card that is the problem. Dvd burners don’t work correctly with Promise chipset controller cards, they work well only with hard drives. Either use the Promise controller card for your hard drives then it will free up a IDE channel on your motherboard or purchase a silicon image 680 chipset pci controller card. If you’re in the USA sells them for under $20.00.

Thanks for the tip. I got the burner working correctly I hope so I’m just not going to mess with it! The infotool blue screen is pretty damn annoying though.

:disagree: It’s a good thing, my SH-W163A doesn’t read this :bigsmile: