BenQ 1650 beige in stock $37.49 shipped @ ZZF

Someone at FW noted that the price has been raised on the still out of stock 1640 as though they’re anticipating getting more in.

wow, I guess when Newegg was selling this drive for cheap, ZZF sold them for around $50. So I guess they still have so many left and time for them to put them on clearance. Good chance for folks who really really want them but never have a chance to get them.

So this is what happens when I missed the 1640 when it was in stock and settled for a 1620… Oh well, already have a 1655 that I never use so I can probably handle being without a 1650. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the heads up! I just started a side business, and could always use some inventory.

Interesting, all the BenQ drives hitting the market again. (And they seem to sell out fast!) Shame BenQ sold out to Lite On. :frowning:

If anybody is looking for a 1650 with black bezel, My local CompUSA had plenty on the shelf - look for CompUSA brand SKU 320105. They are $49.99 but come with both biege and black bezel and Nero OEM suite. This same SKU is listed as DW1640 on CompUSA website, so I guess it is possible there could still be some 1640 in-store, actual model model # (ie DW1650) is printed just above the barcode on the outside of the box.

Do I buy now to have a spare? Is it really possible that vastly superior technology will dry up and leave us with just burners that are too stupid to learn new media? Liteon is busy reinventing the wheel with their new adaptive burners when they own the technology that could shut down samgung, lg and nec. I didn’t buy a celeron 300a to keep as a spare (because of overclocking) I shouldn’t have to buy this. Maybe I’ll enshrine it in glass with a sign that says “Break in case a failure of capitalism in the optical drive market”

What sheep burner is this ? does it pass the v2.90 safedisk ?

Apparently ZZF never had the DW1650 in stock. It seems what they really have is a batch of BenQ DVD-ROM’s model DVP1650V, as people have been reporting at fatwallet that this what they’ve received instead of the DW1650 they’ve ordered.

The link in the first post now leads to a DVD-ROM drive model DW1650V for $59.99 but with the same ZipZoomfly Part#:173836 as before. Posters at fatwallet who haven’t received their shipment yet report that their Order Status page at ZZF has changed from indicating a burner to a DVD-ROM.

Here’s the thread at fatwallet:

after the last week compusa BQ1655 $10 after electronic rebates sale
it will be a while before i need another drive

but the OP does have good deal for currently available

wtf-- price is up to $99.99 now.

ZZF is really trying to gouge people…

I think i know how many they will sale at that price.0 :a

$100 for what is technically an old drive? OMG! :frowning:

They don’t want anybody to place anymore orders for the DW1650. They don’t actually have any in stock. They have a stock of DVP1650V DVD-ROM (read only drives) that they mistook for the DW1650 burner and offered as such. They have to refund money to a lot of people who ordered one. See my post above.

I geuss they have to maintain the link as active for some reason until they make good on all the screwed up orders