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It says: http://fcx(this.href);/ is this a joke?

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no, here are the working links. he copied and pasted the shortened version from another thread which is why it didn’t work

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must be many pp order :slight_smile:

Thanks Alan for the information. It is amazing how newegg started with brand new BenQ arrival with $35 price tage I wonder if this version of BenQ could match the quality and perfomances of 1640 &1655 drives.


The 1650 and the 1655 are exactly the same drive EXCEPT the 1655 has LightScribe and the 1650 does not. No other difference. It is not 100% clear to me whether this is only a firmware difference, or if there is in fact a hardware change to enable LightScribe. And, in point of fact, I really don’t care, as I will never use LightScribe (unless, of course, the price differential for LightScribe discs fell to nothing).

I remember reading over in the Benq forum where someone had crossflashed his 1655 to a 1650. This seemed to me like a rather backwards thing to do, but it does prove that they are the same drive.

i’ve read that there IS in fact a hardware difference. although at the moment i can’t find that source…

As far as I know there is no hardware differences between BenQ 1650 & 1655 that has been established fact since there has been quite crossflashing between the two drives back and forth by BenQ user.

The 1655 can be crossflashed and used as a 1650, however the 1650 is incapable of lightscribe. See here:

exactly. because it’s missing the lightscribe hardware…hence the hardware difference…

That is obvious because every one know the 1650 doesn’t have LightScribe capability. I have some doubt that there are hardware differences between 1650 & 1655.

there is. the 1650 doesn’t have the compnents for lightscribe. this is a hardware difference…

Well I just ordered my BenQ 1650, hopefully there arent any burnt smells. Few questions, on what I should do after I install the drive.

For Who has ordered / received there 1650.

1)What was the firmware outta the box
2)How was your quality writes without changing firmware, if anyone has done so.
3)How was your writes // scans after you updated your firmware to the latest.

And anything else you might like to add, or inform me about.
Thanks Storm~

:clap: Okay… we have all waited so long for this BenQ DW1650 to be available here in the USA and now NewEgg is selling the OEM versions. I have read quite a few times in these forums that it is ALWAYS better to purchase the RETAIL version of the burner for WARRANTY purposes :confused: ??? Some even say retail version has better quality :confused: ??? I don’t need any burning software that most retail versions add in so at this point what IS the “difference” between OEM -and- RETAIL ??

I would take a guess (and it is only a guess since I cannot tell you what a company thousands of miles away actually do) that it is the quality test scores. I am sure all units on the market pass QT but I would bet the units that pass with the highest test scores go in the retail package so they have fewer returns. The rest that pass with scores not as high are oem or rebadged by other sellers.

I used to work as a programmer for a motherboard manufacturer and I was placed in QT when someone wouldn’t show up for work. QT is not just pass/fail but different degrees of passing.

my oem clearance benq 1620 has scanned and burned with the best retail units
as far as I can tell. I doubt in today’s mass production much in depth testing is done on drives.

I think I read somewhere that no two drives will burn exactly the same. I believe they just put a different faceplate on the retail drives with the BenQ logo, I think you have the same chance of getting a bad drive with oem or retail. (slim) It all depends on how the packaging is done on the oem drive because they do not come in a BenQ Retail box. Shipping and handling can reek havoc on a drive if it is not handled properly.