Benq 1650 at IDE1 or IDE2?


Bought last week a new WD300 HD and it is in SATA1. Should I but my Benq 1650 to IDE1 or IDE2 as a master? Does it really matter is it in IDE1 or IDE2? I don’t have any other HD or CD/DVD-drives.


AFAIK, you should have your IDE hard drives on one IDE channel and your optical drives on another IDE channel. Since your SATA drive is on its own and you only have one optical drive, it shouldn’t make a bit of difference which IDE channel you put your 1650 on. Just make sure you connect using an 80 conductor cable and set the jumpers to MASTER.

You should check your mb documentation.
My Gigabyte mb manual discourages using IDE 1 for optical drives.
However I am not sure why, and have been concidering trying it anyway so I can install another burner…it may be to suggested not to use it to eliminate the possibility of someone trying to mix a harddrive and optical drive on the same channel.

I’ve never experienced any issues with my Gigabyte M/Bs with using IDE1 for opticals.

They might be suggesting that having an optical on the same IDE channel as an HD is not a good idea as you suggest. The gigabyte manuals are not always as explanatory as they should be.

@ TimC
Thanks for posting, that’s good to know.
Have you put opticals on IDE 1 and 2 at the same time?
I feel the same way about the manuals…I have a GA- 81945G PRO. I really like it, but the instructions sure leave a lot to be desired.
Actually, after reviewing my documentation, I was mistaken. My IDE1 is for optical, IDE2&3 have up to pata133 capability with raid compatability for 4 devices.
I have a sata hd for my c:/d: drive with a pata133 on IDE2 for additional storage.
I wonder if I can put an optical on IDE3 since it’s vacant? (instructions are very vague on this)

I’ve found that the raid IDE channels on my Gigabyte don’t work for opticals. You can’t get them to run in DMA mode at all.
You can try & if you get Ultra DMA mode 2/4 then it should be fine.

On my board I’ve got IDE 1/2 with IDE 3/4 being the raid channels. Currently I’ve got 4 opticals on IDE 1 & 2.

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To my knowledge RAID controllers (generally speaking) are not designed to support optical drives at all. Don’t know about what kind controller is used on “Gigabyte” mobos you are refering to, but ASUS says this in clear text.
Example, Promise PDC20378 controller, manual for P4P800 p. 2.29.
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BTW, topic poster just asks for his (standard) IDE connectors on a mobo with nVidia nForce4 maybe we better try answer his question first. :wink:

My take on this, (not knowing details about nVidia mobos); I don’t think it really matters if there isn’t a HDD connected on IDE.

I don’t see the point of your post. I was just continueing the discussion & answering sockeye’s question.

And I tried to answer both… :smiley:

If people just care to search and read before post, (GA-81945G Pro RAID controller manual).

I wonder if I can put an optical on IDE3 since it’s vacant? (instructions are very vague on this)
[I]Note, attached pic not related to TP’s mobo.[/I]

@ pinto2
Thankyou for posting the documentation. I appreciate you taking the time to help.
Please don’t assume that I don’t search and read before I post, because I generally do.
I was going from memory, but it’s not quite what it used to be.
I have seen this info before, but could not find it again when needed. The mb and raid manual are 2 separate documents, and I guess I had tunnel vision on the mb manual.
I did not mean to change the topic from the original post, it just seemed that the question had been answered and kind of flowed along my way.
The function of my raid controller can be set to RAID or ATA in cmos set up, so I am not convinced that “For HDDs only” is written in stone.
When set to ATA, UMDA 6 appears next to the drive during boot up, so when time allows, I will experiment with it and post back.

@ TimC
Thanks Tim, and sorry for any problems I may have caused for you, in your quest to help me.
I think you had my question nailed in post #6.

@ pinto2
It has been a while since this topic came up, but I felt that I should report back, for the benefit of others who might be concidering putting an optical drive, on a RAID controller. Your assesment was indeed correct.
I installed a 1640 on ide 3, with the raid controller set to ATA, but I experienced problems similar to those posted by people installing an optical drive, on an ide card. (ie: functioned ok as a reader, but caused freeze ups when trying to burn)

Thanks for the follow up sockeye. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, has anybody tried if Nero CD-DVD Speed quality test (or any other test) runs when drive is connected on a RAID controller?