Benq 1650 and Nero ultra-buffer

not sure if this is the right section but i have a quick Q. I’ve noticed that each time i burn a cd using nero on my new BenQ 1650(OEM) the read buffer is 98% and write ultrabuffer fluctuates alot between 92-97%…is that normal? when i use my LG cd burner i get 100% read buffer and steady 98% write buffer.

Same here. Mine is in a USB enclosure though.

Nattefrost, that’s normal. :slight_smile:
Read buffer is system related and should stay full if transfer to drive is smooth.
Drive buffer can fluctuate between 80-95% depending on drive, when drive recalibrates (WOPC) even lower.

Happy burning. :wink:

ahh good i was worried for a second. I use my drive to burn music cd-r 99.9% of the time(dont care for dvds) hope this is an ok drive.Thanx

I’ve always wondered why by now the drive makers don’t just spend the extra $1 for 8mb ram chips instead of 2mb. Then again they seemingly cut out the analog audio on the dw1650 to save a $1 so I guess their cost does matter. Plextor is the only one that I know of that uses 8mb but you pay bigtime for it. At least we can overburn like them now (except not in nero :frowning: )

can u overburn 80 min cd-r with this drive? if so do i need to enable something in Qsuite? i tired once and nero gave me a warning saying it might damage the drive so i canceled the burn fearing it might do so.

So perhaps those extra chips don’t cost just $1. :bigsmile: That buffer is similar to cache memory due to the need of extremely fast access to it and from it so it is never that cheap. See the case of CPUs for example, they are now reaching cache values of 2MB and 4MB. :iagree:

CPU L2 cache runs on the order of 50-100 GB/s. DVD writing runs, at most, at about 21 MB/s. That’s something like 20,000-50,000 times slower than CPU cache.

Even the slowest RAM used in cellphones is capable of about 250 MB/s throughput.

Cost is not an issue. Additional memory is simply not necessary past a megabyte or two because the consequences of interrupting the data flow to the drive are almost none: a few PIEs, PIFs here are there, nothing worth mentioning.