Benq 1650 and Linux



hi there…i am thinking of buying this DVD-recorder for using it with my linux box…anyone would like to share his/her opinion as far as the performance and compatability of the mentioned device under linux(i use Gentoo)?? and what about software from compatability’s point of view?? thanks in advance…


anyone?? no ideas at all??


I use the DW1650 with Ubuntu 5.10 and Fedora Core 5. Works flawlessly for me. No idea about Gentoo though :smiley:

Here’s a K3b screenshot under Fedora Core 5. Good luck!


BenQ 1650 works Ok for me in SuSE, Xandros and Debian so I don’t think you will have any problems in Gentoo. If you are using KDE it will work from K3b, X-CdRoast, or FireBurner. And If you are using Gnome it will work in Nautilus “CD Creator”


Up until yesterday, the only problem I had using this burner with Linux was that I can’t do a BIOS-update without booting to Windows.

But now, I have a more serious problem: the drive locks up the OS completely whenever I try to scan a CD with dvdisaster (I use Version 0.70.1). Anyone mind to try this? I would really like to know if it is a general problem with the drive type.

Here is some more detail on what I already tried:
It behaved similarly on Windows XP at first, but a change of IDE jumper configuration from CSEL to SLAVE seems to have solved the problem on the Windows side, changing nothing for the Linux side. Scanning DVDs works, normal burning and reading is working too. BIOS upgrade did not help (from BCFC to BCIC), nor did trying with different Linux versions (Knoppix 5.01, PCLOS 0.93a) or disabling dma via hdparm. The other IDE burner in the same machine (NEC ND-2100) has no problem scanning the same CDs with dvdisaster.