Benq 1650/1655 availability

seems here in the usa they are disappearing, has the fat lady sung?

benq stopped production?

There are still some available at and more if you search using

Perhaps I did the right thing in buying a spare BenQ DW1655 this week here in Denmark?! :cool:

They make great bookends!

Comp USa but you may have to wait when it is onsale

how many benqs do you have now night?

Just to add a UK spin on this, PC World still sells the 1650 at a good price (£39.99 for retail) - and they didn’t seem to be running short last time I looked :slight_smile:

Are there such high taxes on optical drives? Can get Philips 1660P1 retail for 45 € (=£31) at Media Markt here :slight_smile: Philips Retail packages are better than the Benq ones. :wink:


for ~60$ they might have them in stock for quite some time

Not sure if it’s a tax on ODDs thing (we have 17.5% VAT on everything sold here), but retail stores tend to jack up prices here anyway.

Yeah, my “other 1650” was a Philips retail package in another life, too. :wink:

@Chewy - you think that’s bad, you should see what I’d have to pay at Maplin’s for my longed-for second 4163B - £40-odd :eek:


16% VAT here in .DE, so this shouldn’t make any difference :wink: The price I mentioned was also the price of a retail store, who is not always famous for good prices. :slight_smile:

you should see what I’d have to pay at Maplin’s for my longed-for second 4163B - £40-odd :eek:
I paid 99 € for it, when I bought mine. But we know, what jewel this drive is :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


Newegg has the BenQ 1655 oem on sale right now

auto notify since last week?

that’s why I am wondering is new stock expected?

Sorry Chewy: They even had the retail models on sale until yesterday.

3/1640, 1/1650, 3/1655

Newegg has only the 1650 OEM in black for 31.30 + 6.64 shipping, but that’s “Open Box.” No new 1650s and 1655s at all! :frowning:

You have more than me. :flower: I bought another 1640 early 2006 before it was gone since I was scared if something happen with my first one, but fortunately they both are still working fine.

I just bought one 1640 from Compusa two weeks ago, had to search all the boxes, lucky I got one ( I would buy more if they had more 1640)

It definitely looks as if the BenQ DVDRW brand is in the process of disappearing or there’s a pause before new models are introduced. Newegg now has NO BenQ DVD burners in stock except “Open Box” beige DQ60s.

The CompUSA where I live in NJ has them rebranded under the CompUSA brand, the item number is ironicly DW1640. I opened a few of them and they are BenQ 1640s. The price changes every week, the cheapest I have ever seen them was 39.99.