BENQ 164b PIE/PIF Scanning does not work


I am a proud owner of a brand new BENQ 164b since today. Burning seems to work very well even at 16x :slight_smile:

But I now try to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to get PI/PIF Scans - but I get randomly during the Test (several DVD tested) somewhere always different the following Error:


Tested with several DVD on two different PC:

  • DELL I6000 with Nero 6 / CD-DVD Speed 4.04
  • Desktop PC (Dual XEON) with Nero 7 / CD-DVD Speed 4.11

Has anyone a hint for me?



Welcome to the forum. Is it a retail unit , which firmware have it installed, connected via firewire or usb?

I find problems with CDSpeed on USB, that would be my guess.

I have an external 1621 with 47P9 thats scans great, but 47N9 doesn’t. It all depends on the firmware.

Yup…DVDInfoPro works fine however… :wink:

Try to upgrade to BEGB


it is the official, original Benq 164B connected via USB (2.0).
I already upgraded to BEBG.

CD-DVD Speed and DVDInfoPro fail both… any other hint?



What type of DVD are you using in this test ???
I hope your not trying to run the test on a pressed DVD before you play it…

Nope - I tried several self burned DVD+R and DVD-R.
Ricoh (Ricoh), Verbatim (MCC), Verbatim (Ritek) burned with Plex708A, Sony DW56A, NEC6650A and BenQ 164B itself…


Get rid of Adaptec ASPI if you got it installed.

I will bet thats the problem, because I have no problem scanning that BEGB or BEFB firmware.


so far I can see there is no adaptec ASPI on my systems…

any further hints?



Hi :slight_smile:
There is, but it is either incomplete or corrupt.
Should look like this.

Hi :slight_smile:
Click start > goto > search > all files & folders > insert file name (wnaspi32.dll) > search. This will give you the path & you can remove manually.

I removed that…stuff and rebooted this machine…

but it helped nothing :a

Hi :slight_smile:
Could be some conflict created by other usb devices. If you have any disconect them & try scanning. If you don’t have any other devices, could the usb driver itself. Try updating. If this doesn’t work try uninstalling, then reinstalling usb.

@ amaedl ,does your external case have firewire connections?, if yes, try it.

Did you reboot after deleting it? You could run forceaspi killaspi.bat just to be sure you didn’t miss any of the files…

Reading this page might be helpful for all of us… :slight_smile:

BTW, we still miss some basics; what OS, what firmware, what mobo, at what IDE channel…
Output from Nero InfoTool can come handy. Post in

 "#" tags.

[I]amaedl, please post pictures with [B].png [/B] extention next time.[/I]

Unfortunately that page only talks about installing it, and is written in way that makes people think that Adaptecs ASPI is a must have rather than something you only need if a program requires it. I’d rather switch program to one that can work without it than ever again let it infest any of my machines. :slight_smile: