BenQ 164B BEFB USB external



Hello all.

My first post here, Sys p2-2,66Gz, 1GB ram, XP Home/SP2, Radeo 6520 128,
Graphic, Nero Brom,

My problem is when I try and burn a double density 8,4 disc my Benq only does the 1st layer and then fails (write/read) error on 2nd layer.
I have tried both wither soft write on and off, resetting the book types,
with no sucess. I would appreciate any help if someone has a solution to this. Can this drive be flashed with updates?

Thanks in advance for any info,

sincerely, bigbear :iagree: :iagree:


What brand of dual layer dvd+r media are you using? Verbatim dual layer dvd+r media is the best to use. Ritek dual layer is considered junk media. Use the latest ImgBurn to burn dual layer dvd+r media. :wink:


Hello dvd addict,

Sitting here in Heidelberg Germany I am using or was, Platinum , double layer for professionals. speed 8 rating. I will give your suggestion a try and see what happens. IE, ImgBurn?? is this from Nero or another firm. I am somewhat not so literate on these things. Any help appreciated.

thanks. bigbear


Welcome to the Benq forum! :slight_smile:
take a look at the imgburn website.


Thanks again DVD Addict. and a good day to you.