Benq 1640vs Nec 2510 - scans

I got my new 1640 yesterday.

I wanna know, which media is burned better by my good-old NEC 2510 and which by my new 1640.

These are the burns by the NEC.
Plextor DVD+R 8x
Burned with DVD Decrypte.

These are the burns by the Benq 1640:
Burned at 8x with DVD Decrypter too.

Both are good…but benq wins. Less jitter, less average PI, less total PF.

That’s what I’d say too…
But I’ll do some further test on other media. (I have TY-R, Verbatim MCC02RG20; Fuji+ TY,…)

Besides; unfortunately my 1640 isn’t able to write the TYs @12x like the 1620…
And according to DVD Decrypter the ReadSpeed on DVD-9 is set to 12x max…

This is Plextor DVD-R 8x
Burned with DVDDecrypter @8x on the Nec 2510.

The Benq burns are here:

Verbatim DVD-R 8x made in Taiwan.
Burned @8x with DVDDecrypter on Nec 2510.

The Benq 1640 burn is here:

Burner: NEC 2510 2.F9
Software: DVD Decrypter
Burnspeed possible: 8x
Burnspeed selected: 8x
Media: Sony DVD+R xx, single jewelcase
Mediacode: SONY-D11-000

The Benq 1640 burn is here: