Benq 1640A for end of november :)

Here is an interesting answer from Benq’s support:
Henry Peeters is back from holiday and wrote to me:

"When is the release of Benq 1630A planned? Will it be an upgrade from
1620A to 1630A ?

Answer: Currently there are no plans for 1620 to 1630 upgrade. We will
probably go to 1640 instead of 1630 by the end of november."

So, it seems that the Benq 1630 annonced for end of october could not be and would be replaced by a 1640 model ?!?

Did someone ear about this and now what it would bring?

Let’s try to imagine…
DVD+R9 @ 5X like toshiba or more? (1630 is supposed @4X)
DVD+/-RW @ more than 8X announced for 1630A?
Other features?

awhile back I saw the pics off all the boxes of all th 16xx drives 1650, 1640, 1620, 1610, and 1600. if I remember correct the 1650 and 1640 were the same drive specs. and they had 8x rewrite for + and -. ANd still 4x for DL. But this may be wrong or changed now.

So, at reading you , it seams that 1630 and 1640 are the same drives :sad: